DesignKraft Participates in Dubai Design Week for the First Time

DesignKraft, Dubai-based design studio makes its regional debut at the fifth edition of Dubai Design Week 2019. They exhibit newest collection ‘Ideas Taking Shape’ as part of Downtown Editions at Dubai’s annual design fair Downtown Design. Downtown Editions is Downtown Design’s made to showcase of bespoke and limited-edition designs by established and emerging local and regional designers. In DesignKraft’s collection there is statement pieces, dining sets, lighting and installations, which incorporate bold and bright colours.

“We are a young company borne from a labour of love and we have evolved in an organic manner. Our participation in Dubai Design Week affords us a platform to show an international audience, not just our creativity and capability but that of Dubai’s. We design unique pieces with the individual in mind, but which also speak a universal language. The reason I set up this company is to inspire people to embrace their own creativity and showing at a design fair allows us to reach new audiences. We take a fun and playful approach while producing high quality objects that fuse design principles with flair and character. I am excited to share our new collection at Downtown Design; we hope to inspire and to be inspired.” Said Sidarth Menon, founder of DesignKraft.

Collection pieces include the Bubble Gum Table, the Mirror Moods Make Up Table, and Marble Moon coffee table. The Bubble Gum Table is a variety of hand-crafted metal balls that resemble gobstoppers. They are arranged in a fanciful manner that seem to challenge, rather than challenge the laws of physics while supporting a beautiful pink Onyx marble countertop.

The Mirror Moods Make Up table is designed in bright and playful colours showing the right mood in which one should apply make-up. Back-lit and bronzed accents add grace and finish to the piece which is made from geometric forms. These designs have afascinating aesthetic, appearing differently depending on the angles that they are viewed from.

DesignKraft was established in 2017 as a platform for people to showcase their individuality through designs.

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