A team Braced Themselves for Plastic Free Environment

International Association for Human Values (IAHV) organized planet-saving practices at Smile with Alternatives to Plastic. Over 100 eco-activists came together for this to share their ideas. Students, housewives and professionals who are very enthusiastic about making the world plastic-free gave live demonstrations of distinctive initiatives they have invented to turn down plastics and toxic chemicals.

Swap is a team of eco-activists from different age groups who have common interest which brings them together to find a solution for world’s plastics problem.

“Everyone knows about the 4Rs – refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle – but not many people know about the alternatives in their house to ditch plastic. This is why we have brought together creative people from various backgrounds who can demonstrate simple measures to reduce plastics and chemical use,” said Sanju Rao, the team lead of Swap.

Amitesh Paul teenage youth icon spoke about how he educated and established colour-coded waste recycling bins in factories, offices and labour camps in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. He is enthusiastic about protecting the environment. They are working towards to build a zero-waste sustainable UAE by 2030. During the fair Quiz programmes, short films and real-life videos of how plastics are hurting marine creatures and messing up the environment, were screened.

“In this group of over 80 people, we share, discuss and practice ideas. We find sources/solutions to give alternatives to plastic products of daily use and encourage more and more newcomers to practice of waste segregation at source. Our aim is to educate and involve more people – all of us collect recyclable stuff and whenever we go for recycling, we take along people from different neighbourhoods to show them how and what is being done. This field trip becomes a practical experience for them. A sense of realisation hits them when they see how they could have recycled so much plastic,” Sanju added.

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