Traffic fine discounts list announced in UAE

50 per cent discount on all traffic fines, offered by Ajman and it will come to effect from February 16.

Crown Prince of Ajman, Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi announced this discount and it will be applicable to fines occurred before January 31.

Commander-in-Chief of the Ajman Police, Major-General Shaikh Sultan Al Nuaimi said people can make use of this offer for a month. “It was decided in celebration of the police’s recognition as a platinum leadership awardee, and 16 other honours the group had received.

Abu Dhabi

All traffic fines incurred before December 22, 2019, will get 50% discount if the fines were paid off within three months and Black points and vehicle impoundment fees will be cancelled.

If drivers paid within 60 days from the date of the violation registration they will get 60 percent discount.


For existing fines, starting February 7, 2019 Police will give a discount of up to 100% to drivers

Drivers who followed traffic rules for 3 months were given 25% off their fines, and those who went six months were given 50%.

Drivers who completes a full year without a traffic violation are given 100% discount of their present traffic fines.


Drivers of Sharjah will get 50% discount on traffic fines and black points cancellation

Announced on October 22, 2019, Can make use of this January 31.

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