Initiating the supplier engagement process with ADNOC is crucial, as it necessitates suppliers to undergo mandatory registration and prequalification via the Ariba system. Upon the successful completion of prequalification, suppliers will promptly receive an automated email. This email will include vital details such as the ADNOC Unified ID and specifics regarding the allocated Work/Product Groups.

  1. New Supplier Registration Process:

1.1 Supplier without Ariba Network ID:

  • Click on "REGISTER NOW" to initiate the registration process.
  • Complete all required fields as indicated and submit for the creation of the Ariba Network ID.
  • Account Creation Confirmation:
    • Enter all necessary details and click on "Submit."
    • A pop-up for reviewing accounts may appear if there is any existing Ariba account associated with the same email domain.
    • Suppliers can ignore the message and proceed with account creation.
  • Email Confirmation:
    • Confirm the email address provided.
    • An activation link will be sent to the confirmed email address.
    • This email serves as notification for the supplier to activate the ARIBA account.
  • Accessing ARIBA Network:
    • If on the SAP ARIBA Network tab homepage, adjust the view to access the homepage.
    • This provides access to Sourcing Events and Pre-Qualification Surveys for the supplier.

1.2 Supplier with Ariba Network ID:

For Suppliers already possessing an ARIBA Profile (ARIBA Network ID) but are new to ADNOC:

  • Access ARIBA through the ADNOC website.
  • Click on "LOGIN HERE" using existing credentials.
  • Navigate to ADNOC in the "Customer Requested Tab" under the Company Profile section.
  1. Existing ADNOC Supplier: Activating ARIBA Account Without Username & Password:

Suppliers previously registered with ADNOC Group lacking a username and password can contact Supplier Support at 800 44 55 or via email at for account activation or further assistance.

  • Upon receiving an email notification with the ARIBA user ID:
    • Click to activate the ARIBA account.
    • Follow the steps below to complete the activation process:
  1. Click on "Sign up."
  2. Enter the required details.
  3. If a pop-up to review the account appears due to an existing Ariba account with the same email domain, the supplier can proceed by ignoring the message.
  4. After confirming the email address, the supplier will receive an email prompting them to activate the ARIBA account.
  • It is crucial to register the company's official email address for all future registration-related notifications.
  • Login using the ARIBA network username and password, and fill the ADNOC SPQ.

Prequalification Process:

  • Upon the approval of the registration profile, a Prequalification Questionnaire will be initiated through ARIBA, tailored to the Supplier Type and the applied Products and Services.
  • If more time is needed for submitting the prequalification questionnaire, a request can be sent through the composed message available within the respective questionnaire or by contacting the designated focal point.

Documents Required for Prequalification

  • Experience Documentation: Evidence of successfully supplying or delivering the applied Products/Services.
  • Relevant International Standards: Documentation confirming adherence to relevant international standards such as ASME, API, or equivalents.
  • Quality & HSE Manuals/Certifications: Submission of Quality and HSE manuals or certifications, such as ISO or equivalent.
  • Adequate Resources: Demonstration of adequate resources, including but not limited to manpower, skills, equipment, software, etc.

Supplier Invitation and Survey Participation Process:

  • The supplier is notified of the prequalification survey through an invitation email.
  • After clicking the link, the supplier logs into their SAP ARIBA account to access the survey.
  • Access to the survey is facilitated by clicking the corresponding survey link.
  • The supplier then provides tailored responses aligned with the applied products/services.
  • Upon successful pre-qualification, a notification email is dispatched, outlining the details of the prequalified work/product groups.
  • The Unified ADNOC Supplier ID becomes visible in SDM .
  • To make changes, such as deleting work/product groups or delinking pre-qualified manufacturers/associates, these adjustments can be carried out through the SDM profile.

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