If you are planning to establish a business in the UAE, you may need to get your commercial documents attested by the appropriate authorities. Attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of a document to ensure that it is legally recognized in the UAE. Hence, companies and individuals go for Commercial document attestation services in UAE as it is a mandatory requirement for various transactions, opening a Business bank account, and obtaining a visa.

Commercial Attestation is crucial for companies doing business in the UAE because it gives them the ability to establish their legitimacy and legal standing in the eyes of regulators, prospective investors, and business partners.


Commercial Document Attestation in UAE

Commercial Document Attestation is the process of verifying the legitimacy of commercial documents, such as deals, invoices, and other legal documents, to ensure their legal recognition in the UAE. It is a crucial step in making sure that these documents can be acknowledged and legally recognized by institutions and authorities both inside and outside of the UAE.

Guaranteeing that commercial documents are acknowledged and accepted in other nations, also makes international trade easier.  Therefore, Commercial Attestation is an essential step for any company operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that wants to build credibility and legal recognition in the nation.


BMS Auditing Commercial Document Attestation Services in UAE assist you in getting your Commercial Business related documents attested by professionals.


Benefits of Commercial Document Attestation Services in UAE

Commercial Document Attestation Services in UAE aid business owners, startups, and organizations in gaining legitimacy and legal approval on the international market.

By managing the attestation process on the company's behalf, we assist businesses in saving time and money.By doing this, businesses can make sure that their commercial documents have been verified and legally recognized while concentrating on other crucial aspects of their operations.

  • Legally Recognized Paperwork: Commercial Attestation Services make sure that your company's legal documents, including contracts, licenses, and agreements, are accepted in the UAE and other nations. When it comes to running a company in foreign markets, this recognition is essential.
  • Encourages International Trade: A variety of processes, such as applying for visas, opening bank accounts, and clearing customs, call for the use of attested commercial documents. Commercial Attestation Services aid in the facilitation of these procedures and ease international business operations.
  • Reliability and Confidence: Businesses can build their credibility with regulators, prospective financiers, and business partners by acquiring commercial attestation. This may aid in bringing in more customers and expanding business opportunities.
  • Regulation Compliance: Commercial Attestation Services assist companies in meeting legal and regulatory requirements in the UAE and other nations. This can assist in avoiding legal problems and penalties and can guarantee that the company runs legally and morally.


List of Commercial Documents to be Attested in UAE

There are commercial documents that are certainly needed to be attested in UAE. They are,

  • Documents
  • Board of Directors
  • Agreements and Memorandums
  • Invoices
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Packaging list
  • Certificates
  • Trade License


Documents: Chemical and physical analysis documentation that may be required for the start of specific types of commercial initiatives must also be verified.

Board of Directors: Documents connected with the Board of Directors of a company established in UAE should be validated. BMS Auditing is approved by the Board of Directors to provide Commercial document attestation services in UAE

Agreements and Memorandums: Contractual agreements between co-owners or establishment accomplices, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, and other similar documents all require attestation by an authority seal and mark of approved authorities.

Invoices: Whether it is a VAT Invoice, Export Invoice or Company Invoice, it must be attested to show its legality. BMS Auditors are specialized in creating invoices for your requirements and can also help get it attested.

Power of Attorney (POA): Documents linked with the Board of Directors of a business established in UAE should be attested.

Packaging list: Your Commercial product bundling list is subject to attestation in UAE.

Certificates: Certificate of Incumbency, Change of Company Name Certificate, Shareholders Certificate, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of joining, Certificate of Good Standing, etc., are the types of certificates that are commercially needed to be attested in  UAE. BMS Attestation Services in UAE can help you with that. 

Trade License: You will require the authority seal and mark of the appropriate professionals to authorize your Trade Licence. We can help you get the appropriate trade license as well as get it attested by the concerned authority.


Procedure of Commercial Document Attestation Services in UAE 

The Commercial Document attestation process involves obtaining a series of stamps and signatures from various government agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, and the UAE embassy or consulate in the country where the document was issued.


1. Notarization

Obtaining your commercial paperwork notarized by a Notary Public in the UAE is the first step in the Commercial Attestation procedure. Verify the authenticity of the documents, this entails having them stamped and signed.


2. Verification by the Chamber of Commerce

After having your business documents notarized, the next step is to have them examined by the UAE's regional Chamber of Commerce. In order to do this, you must submit your paperwork along with the required payment and wait for it to be reviewed and stamped.


3. Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

After the Chamber of Commerce has verified your documents, the next step is to have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the United Arab Emirates certify them. In order to do this, you must submit your paperwork along with the required payment and wait for it to be reviewed and stamped.


4. Attestation by the Embassy

 After MOFA has attested to your documents, the last step is to have the embassy of the nation where you intend to use the documents confirm with them. In order to do this, you must submit your paperwork along with the required payment and wait for it to be reviewed and stamped.


You are always recommended to enlist the aid of a reputable and knowledgeable Commercial Attestation Service provider like BMS Auditing to make sure your important documents are properly verified and processed by professional and certified experts.


Commercial Document Attestation Service Provider in UAE

Want to take your company global? Simply consider BMS Auditing! We provide exceptional Commercial Attestation Services in UAE to assist companies like yours in obtaining legal acceptance for their commercial documents in the UAE and globally. 

The attestation of all kinds of business documents, such as contracts, certificates, and agreements, is something that our expert team can help with. You can make sure that your documents are accepted legally in all the nations where you intend to conduct business with our help.

We also provide a variety of other financial services to meet all your business needs, so that's not all. Why then wait? To find out more about our Commercial Attestation Services and how we can help your company succeed globally, get in touch with our Commercial Attestation providers in UAE right away.

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