Certificate and Document Attestation services are frequently needed in the UAE for a variety of reasons, including education, immigration, employment, and legal proceedings. A designated authority verifies a document's authenticity as part of the attestation process. Certificate attestation, often known as legalization (or authentication), is a method of verifying the certificates and documents you bring into the UAE for legal usage and official motives from your country.

For both commercial and personal documents, the UAE Attestation process is a prerequisite when applying for a visa to move to the UAE for personal or professional reasons. The process of UAE attestation will prove the legality of the documents. Verifying the documentation that immigrants are carrying is called attestation.

By ensuring that only authentic documents are authorized for official purposes, attestation helps mitigate fraud. Offering a standardized procedure for confirming the authenticity of documents, it also contributes to the development of trust between various nations and institutions.


Need for Certificate and Document Attestation in UAE

It offers the necessary degree of assurance that the papers being presented are real and authentic, which is important for many official purposes.

  • Guarantees Document Authenticity: Attestation services guarantee the genuineness and authenticity of a document. This is crucial for a number of reasons, including legal processes, employment, immigration, and education.


  • Ensures Compliance with the Law: Attestation services make sure that your documents adhere to the rules and specifications set forth by the UAE authorities. This can avoid problems like rejection or processing delays, which could hurt your plans or objectives.


  • Avoids Errors and Oversights: Attestation services are knowledgeable about the requirements of various authorities and are familiar with the attestation process. They can make sure that your documents are properly attested and steer clear of any mistakes that might result in rejection or hold up the process.


  • Saves Time and Effort: If you are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations, attestation can be a lengthy and complex process. You may spare time and effort by having attestation services handle the entire procedure on your behalf.


  • Offers Convenience: Handy options are available with attestation services, including document pick-up and delivery, online tracking, and status updates. Clients benefit from the process being more convenient and less burdensome as a result.


Official Documents and Certificates Attestation in UAE

BMS Auditing provides the finest document and certificate attestation services in UAE to help you get the documents attested for professional purposes. One of the key areas of expertise for us is document attestation and certificate attestation in the UAE. Our list of certificates and documents attestation in UAE is vast and you can rely on us for getting anything attested for a professional purpose in the country.



Document and Certificate attestation

Educational Documents Attestation in UAE

Passing Certificate Attestation

Diploma Certificate Attestation

Engineering Certificate Attestation

Associate Degree Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation

Transcript Attestation

Marksheet Attestation

Nursing Certificate Attestation

Master Degree Attestation

Bachelor Degree Attestation

Personal Document Attestation in UAE

Death Certificate Attestation Dubai, UAE

Birth Certificate Retrieval Dubai, UAE

PCC Certificate Attestation Dubai, UAE

Marriage Certificate Attestation Dubai, UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation Dubai, UAE

School Transfer Certificate Attestation Dubai, UAE

Medical Certificate Attestation Dubai, UAE

Experience Certificate Attestation Dubai, UAE


Steps included in Certificate and Document Attestation in UAE

The attestation process of documents and certificates in UAE includes registration, application, payment of fees, getting the document attested from the concerned authority and receiving the attested document after SMS confirmation. However, If you are from outside UAE, you have to visit the UAE mission to receive the attested document, which BMS Auditing will take care of. 

For a clear idea, here is the process including the attestation of your official certificates and Documents in UAE


1. Obtain the necessary authority in your home country to certify your document

Typically, this comes first in the attestation procedure. The appropriate authority in your home country, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, or the pertinent embassy or consulate, must notarize and attest to your document. This procedure guarantees the validity and authenticity of your document.


2. Get the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your home country to certify your document

You must have your document attested by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your home country after it has been certified by the appropriate authority in your country of residence. For use in the UAE, this step is required to verify the document's authenticity.


3. Obtain the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation of your document

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify your document after the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your country has done so. The document has now been carefully attested by the UAE Embassy or Consulate and is prepared for use in the UAE.


4. Get the UAE Chamber of Commerce to certify your business document

Your document must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce if it is a commercial document, such as a certificate of origin or a commercial invoice. The commercial document's genuity is verified in this step for use in the UAE.


5. Obtain the necessary government department's attestation for your document in the UAE

Your document must be attested by the relevant government agency if it is intended for use in that agency, such as the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education. This procedure validates the document's legitimacy for use in that particular department.


It is significant to remember that based on the nature of the document and the intended use, different attestation specifications may apply. To ensure that your documents are properly attested, it is therefore advised to confirm the particular standards with an accredited attestation service like BMS Auditing.


Document Attestation Services in UAE 

BMS Auditing offers Certificate and Document Attestation Services in UAE which is a reputable and market-leading organization with years of experience that offers attestation solutions for customers from all over the world.

Our crew of committed experts is committed to offering you the most trustworthy and effective attestation services, managing all the time-consuming paperwork so you can concentrate on what's crucial—your time and money.

We take great pride in our depth of knowledge and skill in the field of document attestation ranging from Certificate attestation of different types like Educational certificate attestation, Non-educational certificate attestation, and Commercial certificate attestation to documents like passport, visa, etc.

 We employ a standard procedure that entails listening to our clients, comprehending their problems, addressing them, and offering thorough and useful solutions.

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