An ICV audit will help companies identify gaps within the system, and rectify errors. All ADNOC suppliers are required to get their ICV audit. ADNOC has initiated an In country Value program (ICV) with the objective of Localization and to create more employment and job opportunities for and to boost economy  and the localization of important functionalities in the field of oil and gas.

As per ADNOC’s ICV program, all ADNOC suppliers are mandatory to pronounce their ICV achievement (ICV Certificate). ADNOC needs an annual third-party confirmation of the numbers of the ICV Certificate to be accompanied.

      • Increasing Randomization and increasing the services of national workforce.
      • Increasing in-country expend on local goods and services.
      • Evaluates Risks and Protects Assets.

The ICV assessment now forms an integral part of ADNOC’s tender evaluation and award process. ADNOC requires a third-party verification of the numbers in the ICV Certificate to be conducted by one of its Certifying Bodies on an annual basis.

The primary objectives of ICV are:

      • Emiratization: Generating more employment opportunities for Emiratis in the private sector
      • GDP Diversification: More goods and services are sourced within the country, in a move to support diversification
      • Strategic considerations: Critical parts of the value chain are localized for certain categories of businesses

ICV Certification in Qatar and Oman

      • ICV score is an integral part of bid evaluation of the participating entities and it will give added weightage for the suppliers and vendors in the award process.

      • Entities who are indirectly connected with the tenders also benefit from the ICV certification program; as ICV certified supplier “spend” that remains within the country or contributes to the country's economy, is considered for ICV calculation purpose.

Key considerations in ICV Certification

      • ICV certification is based on the last audited IFRS financial statements of the entities and shall not be older than 2 years from the certification year.

      • For newly established companies (less than 10 months old), who do not have audited financial statements, the management accounts for a period of up to 10 months can be considered for ICV calculations.

      • The ICV certificate shall be valid for a period of 14 months from the date of issuance of audited financial statements.

      • ICV Scores are calculated using pre-defined methodology by assessing the economic value added within the country for the goods or services provided by the entity. 

ICV Audit in Qatar

The purpose of ICV Audit in Qatar is to ensure validity and accuracy of the information provided by suppliers in terms of ICV Contribution. Moreover, ICV certification in Qatar ensure suppliers’ ICV scores are evidence-based and calculated according to the pre-defined methodologies.

ICV Audit in Oman

The purpose of ICV Audit in Oman is to develop the skills of Oman’s workforce and increasing in-country spending on local goods and services. In an ICV program, a criterion is set to calculate an ICV score for a supplier and that score is used in making procurement decisions.

ICV Audit in Qatar and Oman

ICV certificate can only be obtained from an ICV approved auditor/audit firm. The ICV auditor / audit firm will only issue the ICV certificate on the basis of the audit report of an entity issued by an approved external auditor or audit firm from the government of Qatar and Oman. BMS Auditing will take care of the ICV audit services in Qatar and Oman and take the load off of you. We are providing best audit services

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