Being the top audit firm in the middle east, we offer mergers and acquisitions services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain to merge with other companies. With a team of experienced M&A specialists, BMS Auditing offers a tailored approach to help clients successfully navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions and achieve their desired outcomes.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is the process of combining two or more companies into a single entity or purchasing another company in order to expand operations, increase market share, or acquire new assets and capabilities. M&A transactions can take various forms, including the merger of two companies into one, the acquisition of one company by another, or the purchase of a controlling interest in a company.



A Merger refers to an agreement connecting two existing companies into a new company. Mergers are of various types, and there are reasons for the companies merging into one. Moreover, during the merger, companies would have a no-shop clause to avoid purchases or mergers from outside companies. 

The main aim of mergers is to gain market share, minimize the costs of operations, expand the territories, blend common products, grow revenues, and increase profits, wherein all these should be advantageous to the shareholders of the firm. 



Acquisitions refer to a state where a company takes control over the other by acquiring more than 50% shares of the target company. The key reasons for the acquisition are- an increase in market share, cost reduction, etc. 

There is a process involved in the acquisition. Let us look at the steps:

  1. Making a plan- Reasons to buy a company
  2. Building an acquisition team that fulfills certain roles
  3. Doing research and due diligence
  4. Making the first offer
  5. Negotiating the terms
  6. Writing & Signing up the contract


Mergers & Acquisitions Services in Middle East

What is included in M&A? M&A services typically include a team of experts, including financial advisors, lawyers, and accountants, who work together to assess the potential of a merger or acquisition, negotiate terms and conditions, and execute the transaction in a legally compliant and financially viable manner.

The goal of M&A services is to help companies achieve their strategic objectives and create value through the consolidation of resources and expertise. M&A can be a complex process that requires careful planning, due diligence, and the involvement of experts in areas such as finance, law, and accounting.

Our M&A Services include the following aspects to provide optimal solutions to businesses in the Middle East. 

Strategic Consulting: Advising companies on their M&A strategies, identifying potential acquisition targets, and conducting due diligence to assess the value of a target company.

Business Valuation Services: Estimation of the value of a company or a business unit, based on a variety of factors such as financial performance, market trends, and other relevant industry metrics.

Financial Modeling: Creation of detailed financial models to assess the financial impact of a proposed M&A transaction, including projected revenue, expenses, and cash flow.

Deal Structuring: Designing and negotiating the terms and structure of an M&A transaction, including purchase price, payment terms, and other contractual provisions.

Due Diligence: Conducting a comprehensive review of a target company's financial, legal, operational, and other relevant aspects to identify any potential risks or issues.

Business Planning: Developing a plan to integrate the acquired company into the existing business operations, including the integration of employees, systems, and processes.

Post-Merger Integration: Execution of the integration plan and managing the integration process to ensure a smooth transition and achieve the desired synergies and benefits of the transaction.

Are you planning to merge with another fortune company? Are you well-established to acquire another? We are glad to help you achieve that in a professional and smooth way. BMS Auditing is a renowned company around the globe that has been offering Mergers & Acquisitions Services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and all over the Middle east.


Mergers and Acquisitions Services in UAE

Companies in the UAE often turn to merger and acquisition (M&A) services to help them grow and expand their operations, reach new markets and increase their revenue and profitability. Our M&A can provide a way for UAE companies to diversify their product and service offerings and reduce their risk. Our services further diversified to the entire Middle Eastern countries having offices across various countries.  

Become the one to leverage the company in this competitive market! Contact BMS Auditing Dubai


M&A Services - BMS Auditing

BMS Auditing is one of the leading audit and management consulting firms in the Middle East providing M&A services to your business. Having experience over a decade, focused on corporate and commercial law, the team has managed a few largest and the most sensitive M&A transactions in the country.

You may be a potential partner, acquirer or preparing your business for sale; the BMS team demonstrates its robust business insights to help domestic as well as international clients across the key market sectors. 

Why worry about the complexity of the transactions when BMS is here? Our team is capable and deeply produces results. With an office in one of the major cities, we provide ultimate support to domestic as well as international clients through M&A Services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Contact BMS for consultation.

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