Importance of auditing in business Dubai
23 Jan 2020

Importance of auditing in business

Auditing is a an independent and methodical examination of books, accounts, statutory records, documents of an entity to determine how far the financial statements and non-financial disclosures present a true and fair view of the concern. It is an effective measure to analyse a company’s internal control. A good auditor can easily fix your issues and helps for the enhancement of the company. It is very seminal for accomplishing business objectives.

Why auditing is important?


1.Will get detailed Pandect

Auditors can give you a complete picture of your company and business and how it is working. How much effort you put to make financial part of your company efficient, there will be small mistakes that should be rectified with the help of auditing. A good auditing report can how stable is your company financially.

2.Get an additional perspective

Through an auditing system one can detect flaws in your company’s system. Auditors can find you solutions to fix the errors. So all the struggles and financial barriers an entity is facing will be clarified and solved.

3.Will become more reliable

In business it is very important to be trustworthy and reliable to customers or clients. Auditing in a firm will bring reliability into your business and creates an image that business is going as planned and believable. Inn front of tax officials also reliability of your company will be proved.

4.Promote responsibility

Auditing report can be used to enhance accountability of managers and employees in the company. Through auditing they can correct their flaws and improve their focus in your work. In future also they can utilize this to improve their efficiency in work.