Oman: Tax Authority urges to submit tax returns by end of this month


Oman Tax Authority urges Tax Payers to submit VAT/ Tax returns for the Financial Year 2022 within Two weeks in August 2023 to avoid Tax Fines & Penalties.

Oman: Tax Authority urges to submit tax returns by end of this month

The tax authority here has insisted to submit the tax returns for the financial year 2022 by the end of July 2023. Now, Since time has passed, the Oman Tax Authority has urged taxpayers through Mail and SMS to file their Tax Returns within Two Weeks. Tax Payers who are Failing to File Tax Returns would be subjected to severe VAT/Tax Fines and Penalties.

The Official Oman Tax Authority Notification through SMS says this,

"Reminder: You failed to submit a tax return for income tax for the tax year 2022. Therefore, please submit the within two weeks from today, to avoid the penalties. Please ignore the message if you have submitted the requested"


As stated in the Notice, the tax authority has requested those, paying the same tax to submit their tax returns within the first two weeks of August, enabling to implement the distribution of VAT & related Executive regulations. The tax authority also added that the declaration form was made available on the electronic service portal:

If You are wondering how to file VAT Returns in Oman, Here is the guide for VAT Return Filing in Oman

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