Our excise tax advisory services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman include excise tax registration and excise tax return filing and excise tax compliance. We have registered Tax consultants in UAE to analyze all the tax issues related to your business and have the FTA approved Tax agents in UAE to file tax returns and excise tax successfully. 


What is Excise Tax?

Excises are indirect taxes levied by tax authorities on the consumption of specific products or services (often considered to be harmful to consumers’ health and the environment, or luxurious products) and are considered an inevitable cost of doing business. They often apply to products such as alcohol, oil and tobacco. By imposing excise taxes, countries generally attempt to discourage the consumption of these products and to raise revenues.

But these taxes apply to different products in different countries, sometimes at different stages of the supply chain. In particular, domestic excise duties can become “trapped” as goods and services cross borders. Managing excise taxes and understanding opportunities to mitigate their impact is crucial for all businesses operating in affected industries.


Our Excise Tax Advisory Services

Our excise tax advisory services provide expert guidance and assistance to businesses in navigating complex excise tax laws and regulations. Our team of experienced tax consultants is dedicated to helping clients identify areas of potential risk and opportunities for optimizing tax efficiency while ensuring compliance with all relevant excise tax laws and regulations.

Whether you're looking to optimize your excise tax efficiency, minimize tax liability, or ensure compliance with excise tax laws and regulations, our excise tax advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals.


Excise Tax Registration

Our excise tax registration services are designed to assist businesses in complying with excise tax regulations by obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for excise taxes. We provide a comprehensive range of excise tax registration services, including preparing and submitting applications for excise tax permits and licenses, obtaining necessary documentation. 


Excise Tax Return Filing

Our excise tax return filing services are designed to provide businesses with expert assistance in preparing and filing their excise tax returns. Whether you're looking to simplify your excise tax return filing process, minimize your tax liability, or ensure compliance with excise tax laws and regulations, our excise tax return filing services are designed to meet your needs.


Our Approach to Excise Tax Services

Our global approach to excise tax compliance helps drive value by:

        • Providing tax technical analysis of your rights and obligations, including assisting you in your tax policy discussions with governments
        • Reducing risk by providing oversight and centralized coordination the entire global tax compliance process
        • Providing access and visibility into all facets of tax return preparation, filing with authorities and maintaining of documents
        • Focusing on the controversy in tax technical matters, including litigation (where permitted)
        • Providing a unified strategy to leverage global financial system data for local country excise tax compliance processes.
        • Utilizing a proven compliance process and tools that can be implemented with immediate effect and minimal disruption 
        • Providing flexible and scalable approaches to comply with your changing global structure and needs


Excise Tax Deliverables

        • Advising clients on structuring business transactions within designated Free Zones to comply with Excise Tax requirements
        • Filling of Excise declarations and returns with the Federal Tax Authority
        • Registration of importers, producers and stock pilers for Excise Tax
        • Excise Tax registration and de-registration services


Why Choose BMS?

BMS Auditing Firm is a great choice for businesses needing help with excise tax advisory services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. They have an experienced team of tax consultants who can help navigate complex excise tax regulations and create custom solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our auditing firm produces outstanding and distinctive audit reports, and we provide a wide range of professional auditing and accounting services to meet the needs of various business clients, including:

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