We offer a wide variety of HR and Payroll services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA to improve the efficiency of your business with our crafted solutions. BMS’s HR and payroll professionals can help businesses improve efficiency and align resources with larger goals. BMS Auditing can assess existing processes, then recommend more cost-efficient, compliant solutions which are often supported by innovative technology.


Human resources and payroll services

Apart from accounting services and bookkeeping services, BMS offers Human Resources and Payroll Services that can help improve the efficiency of complex and time-consuming tasks. HR process outsourcing can help global businesses manage risks, reduce administrative burdens, maintain information confidentiality, and improve organizational effectiveness.

Our human resource and payroll services in Middle East include:

      • Global and domestic payroll management
      • Payroll system interfaces
      • HR workforce support
      • Labor Compliance
      • Project back-end support
      • Training support
      • HR, compensation, and payroll reporting
      • Vendor selection and management
      • Cost projections and balance sheet operations


Scope of HR and Payroll Outsourcing

When you outsource HR and Payroll services, our specialist team offers a flexible way of managing your HR and payroll requirements. 

      • Core payroll processing services, reporting and related expertise
      • International payroll management, operations control and aggregated reporting (via PayWorld)
      • HR/payroll integration (HRMS/HRIS to Payroll software, via PayMap)
      • Payroll/accounting integration (Payroll software to ERP)
      • Payroll advisory services (including labor law consulting and payroll process transformation)
      • HR and global mobility advisory
      • International payroll-specific project management (transition, integration, process transformation, monitoring and general account management)


Align your HR and payroll strategy and operations to support company objectives

For organizations with mobile workforces, human resources, compensation, and payroll services can be complex and time-consuming. Along with the administrative burden, they must manage compliance-related risks and protect sensitive personal information—all while aligning HR practices and policies with a company’s strategic vision.

We offer flexible operational solutions, including payroll management, payroll system interfaces, mobility compensation management, benefits administration, and HR workforce support.


Payroll and HR Services

In an environment of economic instability, changing legislation and rapid technology development, many companies are looking for ways to optimize their costs, including labor costs. One recognized way to reduce administrative costs effectively while maintaining high-quality services is to outsource HR and payroll outsourcing services.

By partnering with BMS and using our approach to transforming payroll delivery, our clients have been able to minimize compliance risk, streamline processes, standardize controls and improve efficiency and flexibility. As your trusted outsourcing partner, the BMS Auditing team is ready to take on your HR administration, payroll and reporting functions. 

At BMS, our HR and payroll services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA are designed to meet the requirements of companies that are seeking a consistent and reliable service that is scalable and flexible. We recognize that the modern workforce has myriad HR needs and, above all, wants to know that they will be paid on time and accurately. Using the latest technology and platforms, we help in the delivery of streamlined and automated payroll and HR processes.


Our auditing firm produces outstanding and distinctive audit reports, and we provide a wide range of professional auditing and accounting services to meet the needs of various business clients, including:

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