BMS Auditing has appointed a list of approved DMCC auditors to provide the best and most timely audit service in DMCC to ensure DMCC compliance in the UAE. Audit in DMCC is the critical scrutiny of financial statements by an external party to detect and prevent errors and fraud. All DMCC companies are required to submit their audited annual financial accounts to the DMCC authorities by a DMCC approved auditor.


DMCC Free Zone Approved Auditors 

DMCC Approved Auditors are professional auditing firms in UAE that have been accredited by DMCC to perform audits on the financial statements of companies registered within the DMCC free zone. These auditors are authorized to assess and verify the accuracy and reliability of financial records, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

The DMCC-approved auditor must check that the company's accounts are in accordance with the accounting records and returns. Then, he or she must confirm that the company's accounts are in accordance with IFRS.

The audit firm should guarantee that the company follows AML and CFT requirements while doing business. If the customer is involved in money laundering operations, it is necessary to notify this.

With that said BMS Auditing has a list of DMCC approved auditors in UAE who can prepare and submit financial statements using the required audit documents from a DMCC Freezone company.

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DMCC Approved Auditors List 2023

The DMCC periodically compiles a list of DMCC approved auditors to ensure adherence to regulations & International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This process helps to ensure that the auditors chosen are qualified to conduct the necessary audits and are capable of meeting the high standards required by the DMCC.

S.No Account Number Auditor Name Address Email Address Contact
1 148617 BMS Auditing Suite No. 1501, Smart Heights, Al Barsha Heights, Dubai, UAE, Dubai, 80394 +971 4 551 6399


BMS Auditing is an accredited audit firm in UAE to be on the top DMCC Approved Auditors list in preparing audited financial statements for DMCC Companies.

Our auditors will review the financial statements to ensure that they comply with the relevant accounting standards and that they present a true and fair view of the company's financial position and performance.

Also, we will inspect the company's internal controls to ensure that they are effective and that they provide reasonable assurance that the company's assets are safeguarded and that financial information is accurate and reliable.

Once the audit is completed, the auditor will issue an audit report that provides an opinion on the company's financial statements and internal controls. The audit report will be submitted to the DMCCA and other relevant authorities as required by the UAE regulations.

For the new Corporate Tax in DMCC Free Zone, we have Corporate Tax audit services for free zones to prepare audited financial statements with DMCC-approved auditors.


Audit in DMCC

DMCC Free Zone, located in the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) offers a variety of advantages while setting up a company including different types and activities of licenses, flexible office structures and hassle-free business setup procedures. For any business that is established in DMCC, it is mandatory to get their books of accounts audited by approved auditors and submit to the (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority) DMCCA. Hence, It is recommended to reach out to a reliable audit firm that is approved by DMCC


DMCC Audit Deadline

DMCC audit submission deadline for 2023 has been extended to 30 September 2023. This deadline applies to the submission of annual audited financial statements for the financial year spanning from 1 January to 31 December 2022.

It is important to note that this extended grace period will only be valid until 30 September 2023, and no further extensions will be considered beyond this date.

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Why auditing is mandatory for DMCC companies?

Every DMCC Company is required to post the Audited Financial Statements and Summary Sheet to the DMCC site within 180 days of the end of the fiscal year. In certain situations, the authorities may grant a time extension.

The DMCC Authority may request new papers at any time throughout the procedure, as well as the original documents, during the inspection.

If a business fails to file financial accounts audited by authorized auditors in DMCC within 180 days of the fiscal year-end, it would face penalties under the DMCC Company Regulations. Furthermore, there is a chance of DMCC's trading license not being renewed.


Audit Firms in DMCC

BMS Auditing is one of the top audit firms in the DMCC free zone that has the most reliable and approved DMCC auditors in UAE providing efficient and timely approved DMCC audit services in Dubai, UAE. Our experienced auditors in Dubai will help you identify the risk involved in business operations. We also specialize in offering audits for Multi-National Companies globally and thus become a renowned firm.


Advantages of Audit services in DMCC

Companies registered in DMCC free zone can get many advantages of audit in DMCC, some of the highlights are:

      1. Better accuracy and transparency in the financial statements
      2. Assures and guarantees the authenticity to the information
      3. Forecast the budgets and initiate the plans for growth
      4. Timely renewal of trade license
      5. Assess the cash flows and implement internal control procedures


BMS Auditing - Approved Auditors in DMCC

BMS Auditing is one of the leading auditing firms in Dubai, UAE that is registered in list of approved DMCC auditors. Our expert team of auditors will analyze your DMCC Free Zone Company’s accounts and verify financial statements with the aid of supporting documents.

Being a leading auditing firm, we offer the services of our experienced chartered accountants to improve and add value to your company’s corporate governance practices. For DMCC audit services, contact us.

Our auditing company provides exceptional and unique audit reports, and we are offering all varieties of professional audit services to satisfy diverse corporate demands, including:

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