Risk management audit services in  UAEKSAQatarBahrainOman, UK and USA will minimize risk factors by preparing you on time to achieve your strategic goals by effective risk management. The company’s risk management and internal control system is designed to determine risks in relation to the achievement of business objectives and appropriate risk responses.

Purpose of Risk Management Audit Services

Your business is working in a very complex risk environment. There is technology transformation to keep up with and cyber security threats to handle. The needs of your customer are drastically changing and the environmental, social and governance agenda matters to the company board now more than ever. At the same time, there’s increased scrutiny from market regulators.

To work through these challenges, we understand the importance of good corporate governance and enterprise risk management. A fundamental aspect of such governance is the existence of reliable and independent assurance over the management of risks.

Why businesses need Risk Assessment Audit?

Your business faces a multitude of complex risks. Digital disruption of your markets, macro-economic downturns, as well as geo-political instability, climate change, pandemics and social movements can all threaten the sustainability of your business. An increasingly globalised economy means that a single event on the other side of the world can change things that you took for granted. You cannot control these events or the associated risks but you can prepare for them effectively. 

By managing risk through effective internal control and governance, your businesses can do a lot more than survive. It can drive more effective strategies and operations. It can take full advantage of opportunities, using risk as a driver for change and success. When done well, risk management not only future-proofs your organisation, it helps you navigate stormy waters and unexpected headwinds. 

How BMS Auditing can help in managing the risks?

At BMS Auditing, we give you independent, clear insights, reports and testing to help proactively manage risk. It's enabled by assurance and compliance services across the three lines of defence and looks at risk, regulation, technology and change programmes.

We combine the skills of our dedicated risk management audit professionals with deep sector knowledge to provide risk management audit services across the full risk spectrum. This helps to ensure that, not only do you receive the robust assurance that you need, you also receive real insight into your key risks, which can be leveraged to improve the business and gain a competitive advantage.

We can help you design and implement practical and cost-effective enterprise risk management solutions. We can support you by helping you to tailor and design a framework that meets your governance requirements while remaining practical and efficient as well as enhancing your Board reporting.

By applying wide-ranging industry experience, we’ll help to make your internal audit functions, enterprise risk management programmes and risks and controls management as effective as possible. So, you can get the assurances your organisation needs, identify new opportunities and enhance organisational value. If you are looking for top-notch risk management audit services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA, contact BMS to get more insights. 


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