BMS Auditing is endowed with experts who can efficiently and successfully carry out IT auditing services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA. The IT environment is growing more complex by the day. Rapidly changing technologies, increasing demand for IT services among business units, and the continual expansion of the extended enterprise all translate into greater IT risks for most organizations.

An IT Audit focuses on more than just your technology. It provides you with a holistic overview of your IT and how that fits with your business plans, highlighting opportunities and benefits, as well as risks.

Choosing the correct audit firm to assess your IT process is crucial thing. It requires experts trained in the field of auditing who has a keen eye for security. Our IT audit experts will carry out IT audit consignment and provide additional support in the form of IT auditors when required. 

The objective of IT Auditing Services

IT audit is the examination of an organization’s information technology structure, operations, and software programs. IT audit ensures that the existing IT controls safeguard corporate assets and cross-check whether the IT controls are in line with the overall business goals of the company. The proper functioning of information-related controls and processes are ensured with the help of IT audit services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA.

Major Components of IT Audit Services

      • Preventing/detecting unauthorized Changes.
      • Ensuring data / Information integrity & Classification
      • Evaluating the capability of the firm to safeguard its information assets
      • Understanding the key technology risks of the organization
      • Reducing the risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage

Advantages of IT Audit

      • Helping you understand your current IT setup better, reducing risk related to IT
      • Uncovering the source of performance issues.
      • Helps enhance your IT Governance, bolstering your control and helping ensure data security.
      • List of actionable suggestions that can help form the basis of your IT Strategy & roadmap going forward.
      • Knowing that you are getting the most from your systems and IT investment.
      • A sanity check of your systems to ensure they are running optimally.
Why BMS Audit for IT Audit?

Our IT Audit team have a deep understanding of industry best practice. They also bring with them a multitude of recognized credentials, as well as a wealth of experience. They will produce a comprehensive IT audit report that includes a complete review of your:

      • Servers and Desktops
      • Networking and Security
      • Applications and licensing
      • Hosting and Internet Access
      • Backup and Disaster Recovery
      • Telephony
      • IT Team and stakeholders
      • Technology Suppliers and Costs

A thorough gap-analysis will highlight any areas of concern and ways to consolidate, rationalize and make cost savings, while also uncovering ways to improve performance, productivity and efficiency across your business. 

We are ready to go the extra mile to help you fight risk and keep your data safe. We offer IT audit on financial statements, that comply with IT policies and methods, IT controls as well as business stability.


Our auditing company provides exceptional and unique audit reports, and we are offering all varieties of professional audit services to satisfy diverse corporate demands, including:

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