VAT / Tax audit services will help you easily review your taxes and review VAT returns. Our tax auditors will ensure tax compliance. We offer a range of VAT services. As governments seek to restore national finances, tax authorities come under pressure to increase tax revenues and tax audits are a key part of this. However, the audit process can be easier with proper preparation and the right advice.


Objective of Tax Audit

The objective of the tax audit is to determine compliance and to ensure that the tax liability is correctly determined and paid. Here is the list of purposes of Tax audit for a business,

  1. Compliance with the Tax law of the country
  2. Verification of financial statements and tax returns
  3. Assessment of taxable income and tax liability
  4. Accurate submission to the Tax authorities
  5. Improving tax administration and practices
  6. Legal compliance and error detection
  7. Risk assessment
  8. Understanding the Tax Position of the Business

Businesses must prepare themselves for the tax audit by the Tax Authorities. Tax audit will verify the liability of taxes by examining the accounting and bookkeeping records and VAT return filings that are maintained by the taxpayer. 

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Types of Tax Audit Services

We offer all types of tax audit services to help businesses stay compliant with tax laws and regulations. Whether you need a full-scale tax audit or a targeted review of specific areas, we've got you covered. The types of Tax audits are,


BMS Auditing is a renowned auditing firm with the best Tax consultants to provide Tax Audit services for taxes including VAT, Excise and Corporate Tax.


VAT Audit Services

The purpose of the VAT audit is to make sure that the business is collecting and submitting the VAT to the tax authority within the assigned time frame. A pre-audit review is appropriate for businesses to understand their exposure to non-compliance.

VAT Audit Services will help you in understanding the causes of non-compliance and address them in the past and the future. It will help you in identifying the areas which require rectification while assuring the accuracy of taxes remitted.

Understanding the weaknesses of your tax system can help you form a better and more compliant system that will get through any audit from the authorities.


Best Audit Firm in Dubai

As professional and experienced VAT / Tax Consultants, we offer the best in the market tax consultancy services around the globe with our expertise and knowledge in the related field. After encountering practical scenarios we face on a day-to-day basis, we shall extend our guidance, support, execution, and resolution on all your challenges encountered which will be based on the provisions and guidelines issued by Tax Authority.

Our Tax agents have assisted efficiently a wide spectrum of clients from different industries in the UAE and all over GCC to manage their taxable transactions by complying with VAT and Tax laws, advising on transactions, and practically resolving the issues. 

We are offering the best VAT / Tax audit services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA. Our tax consultancy services will ensure that everything is in line with the Tax Authority's laws and regulations. Let BMS Auditing handle all your VAT and tax aspects and save your business from unnecessary fines and penalties.


Our auditing company provides exceptional and unique audit reports, and we are offering all varieties of professional audit services to satisfy diverse corporate demands, including:


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