BMS Auditing tax consultancy services, led by experienced tax consultants, can guide you and offer tax solutions on all direct and indirect tax matters. We are the top tax consulting firm working globally having offices in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, India, UK and USA. Contact us anytime for quick tax solutions.   

Hiring a reliable experienced tax consultant is beneficial for any business to understand the taxation system of the country where you live and work. BMS Auditing is one of the leading tax consultants, providing quality tax services to all kinds of businesses. Our tax experts evaluate both personal and business requirements. 

This session discusses tax consultancy services. 


What is a Tax Consulting?

Tax consulting is a service provided by tax professionals to individuals and businesses in helping them navigate the complexities of tax laws and regulations. Tax consulting involves providing advice and guidance on tax-related matters, including tax planning, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Increasing complex tax decisions bring a significant effect- positive or negative, on the future of client businesses. This is why, at BMS Auditing, we expect our tax professionals to perform more than knowing the internal and external aspects of the tax code. You must see potential issues from every angle. 

Tax consultancy services at BMS enable businesses to meet challenges related to multi-administrative tax operations through compliance, reporting, and risk management for both direct and indirect taxes. 


What does a Tax Consultant do?

Tax consultants help you minimize tax liability, maximize deductions on tax, and control tax-related situations. Unlike normal tax preparers, tax consultants help you with tax planning, inheritance issues, charitable contributions, and other complex tax requirements. 

Most tax consultants specialize in business tax services. This involves minimizing the tax liability, thus ensuring a complete advantage of all tax benefits and more. 

Here are the major tasks of a tax consultant:

  • Researching tax issues and ensuring clients of being tax compliant
  • Preparing and reviewing tax returns, corporate and personal income tax, sales and use tax, property tax, franchise tax, and other taxes
  • Advising and consulting on tax-related issues
  • Reviewing the proposed declaration affecting the clients’ taxes


Why Tax Consulting?

Tax consultants help businesses understand and manage the tax structure of the country. Tax consultancy services include tax preparation, analysis, and submitting tax returns and payments. It is always recommended that you hire a tax consultant who makes an individual aware of the taxation system in the country. Tax consultants add value to businesses through the following activities:

  • Assess the benefits and limitations of the business structure
  • Help in selecting the ideal VAT policies- mandatory or voluntary
  • Increase profitability and minimize costs through effective strategies
  • Minimize tax by updating with the latest tax systems
  • Right training in bookkeeping that helps to save time and costs
  • Enhance performance evaluation as per the standards to assess the market trends


Procedure for Tax Consultancy Services

BMS Tax consultancy services in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, India, UK and USA follow a simple process that includes understanding the client's tax situation, analyzing it, creating a tax plan to minimize liability and ensure compliance with regulations, implementing it, and providing ongoing support. Our tax consultants work closely with the client to identify potential areas for improvement, review financial statements, and develop a tax planning strategy. 

Infographic view on role of Tax consultants in Tax consultancy Services

The consultant helps the client implement the plan by preparing tax returns and filing necessary applications. Ongoing support is provided to the client for any disputes with tax authorities, updates on changing tax laws, and guidance on future tax planning.


Our Tax Consultancy Services

Tax consultants at BMS Auditing handle all types of direct and indirect taxes.  We offer comprehensive tax consulting services, from initial tax analysis and planning to ongoing support and representation during disputes with tax authorities. At our tax consultancy firm, our experienced tax consultants play a critical role in helping businesses and individuals navigate the complex landscape of all types of taxes

Here are some of the major types of Taxes we focus on


VAT (Value Added Tax)

Businesses in the UAE should register under the VAT Law to get the business approved by the government, capture a huge market, expand the business profile, etc. Our Tax consultancy services on VAT involve providing guidance and advice to businesses and individuals on how to comply with VAT regulations and minimize their VAT liability. 

For effective VAT services, you can approach BMS Auditing for all VAT-related services such as VAT Registration and VAT deregistration, VAT accounting, VAT Return Filing, etc.


Corporate Tax

Businesses may face difficulties due to corporate tax, such as higher tax rates, complex tax rules and regulations, compliance costs, and potential tax disputes with tax authorities. Our tax consultants help you stay compliant with the regulations of the country.

BMS Auditing tax consultants can then provide advice on tax planning opportunities, such as restructuring or reorganizing the business to take advantage of available tax incentives or credits. In addition, we can provide support during tax audits and investigations through corporate tax services, representing clients during negotiations with tax authorities. Our team assists businesses in dealing with Transfer Pricing regulationsCorporate Tax Registration, Corporate tax Return Filing, Refund, etc. 


Excise Tax

Excise Tax is an indirect tax imposed on particular goods called the “excise goods” which are harmful to human health and the environment. This could lead to increased production costs, higher prices for consumers, complex compliance requirements, and potential disputes with tax authorities.

BMS Auditing has excellent tax consultants in UAE and GCC and provides various types of excise tax services to solve your problem in a smooth way. Our process includes


Property Tax

Property Tax may impact property owners' finances, operations, and investments, and may require expert tax consultancy services to manage. Transfer charges are applied to the transfer of property in the respective country. 

We can help property owners to develop and implement property tax planning strategies that take into account factors such as property valuation, the timing of property transactions, and the use of tax credits and incentives.


Customs Duty Tax

Paying customs duties include increased costs of importing goods, changes in supply chains, complex customs rules and regulations, and potential customs disputes. Customs duties are calculated on Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value for most items. 

Our tax consultancy service helps you classify imported goods under the correct tariff codes, provides advice on the appropriate duty rates, and optimizes customs procedures to reduce delays and costs.


Best Tax Consultants

We at BMS Auditing provide a complete range of tax services that deal with the challenges faced by businesses and companies as per the new regulations across the GCC. We ensure that the businesses follow the taxation requirements in the UAE, and all the GCC territories.

We also have abundant experience in advising and assisting companies from public corporates to family businesses, which include a complete package of tax structuring, and direct and indirect tax capabilities in countries across the globe. 

For queries related to tax consulting and procedures to obtain the services, call BMS Auditing today! 

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