BMS offers the best Corporate Tax Services in UAE with expert Consultants who guide you through the tax assessment, registration and return filing process. The introduction of corporate tax in the UAE will likely transform the country’s regulatory landscape, which means companies must be fully prepared to comply with the new form of taxation.


Why do you need Corporate Tax Services in UAE?

In the UAE, businesses are required to comply with tax laws and regulations set by the government. Corporate tax will be levied at 0% for taxable income up to AED 375,000 and 9% for taxable income over AED 375,000. Large multinational corporations that fulfill particular requirements related to 'Pillar Two' of the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting initiative will be taxed at a different rate. Corporate tax services help companies to navigate this new complex tax system and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Some of the benefits of using corporate tax services in the UAE include:

  1. Accurate calculation and filing of taxes
  2. Minimization of tax liability through tax planning
  3. Compliance with tax laws and regulations
  4. Avoidance of penalties for non-compliance
  5. Access to professional advice on tax-related matters

Infographic view on Corporate tax services provided by corporate tax consultants in UAE

In addition, corporate tax services can also help businesses make informed decisions by providing insights into tax implications of business transactions. FTA Approved Corporate tax consultants in Dubai such as BMS Auditing can help companies to prepare for corporate tax by offering tax assessment and tax advisory services.

Since the UAE Corporate Tax will be in effect from June this year and businesses across the UAE are preparing for it by strengthening their strategies and goals, also staying compliant with the tax regulations. A business is required to prepare and file only one UAE corporate tax return and other related supporting schedules with the FTA for each tax period.


All in one Corporate Tax Solutions in UAE

The corporate tax services offered by BMS Auditing are specially curated for all businesses in UAE. It is structured to cover all the aspects of corporate tax to maintain accurate tax liability for businesses. Our Tax consultants in UAE are well-versed in the UAE federal decree law in Corporate Tax. They can assist you in all the following aspects,

  1. General Provisions
  2. Imposition of CT and CT Rates
  3. Exempt Persons and Businesses
  4. Taxable Person and Corporate Tax Base
  5. Free Zone Person
  6. Calculating Taxable Income
  7. Exempt Income
  8. Corporate Tax Reliefs
  9. Deductions and Expenditure
  10. Transactions with Related Parties and Connected Persons
  1. Tax Loss Provisions
  2. Tax group Provisions and Formation
  3. Calculation of Corporate Tax Payable
  4. Payment and Refund of Corporate Tax
  5. Transfer Pricing Documentation
  6. Anti Abuse Rules
  7. Corporate Tax Registration and Deregistration
  8. Filing Corporate Tax Returns and Clarifications
  9. Violations and Penalties
  10. Transitional rules
  11. Closing Provisions


Procedure of Corporate Tax Services in UAE

Our Corporate Tax Service assists you in successfully implementing Corporate Tax to your business in compliance with the tax regime, filing your tax returns and providing complete tax support through the following steps.

    1. Assessment of tax obligations: A tax consultant will review your business activities, financial records, and other relevant information to determine the taxes that your business is required to pay.
    2. Tax planning: Based on the assessment, the tax consultant will advise on tax-saving strategies and opportunities to minimize your tax liability.

    3. Preparation and filing of tax returns: The tax consultant will prepare corporate tax audited financial reports and file Corporate tax returns on behalf of your business, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.

    4. Payment of taxes: The tax consultant will ensure that your business pays its taxes on time and in the correct amount.

    5. Representation in case of tax audits: In the event of a tax audit, the tax consultant will represent your business and provide support and guidance to ensure a smooth process.

    6. Ongoing support and advice: The tax consultant will provide ongoing support and advice on tax-related matters to ensure that your business remains compliant with tax regulations.


We cover all these steps by dividing the Corporate Tax services into 6 parts. 

Our highly skilled and professional Corporate Tax advisors will assist you in implementing corporate tax strategies in the most effective way. 

BMS Auditing is one of the most recommended firms to provide Corporate Tax services in the UAE. BMS provides professional and effective services concerning Corporate Tax. Flourishing for over a decade, BMS has a history of working with several governmental, non-governmental, public and private organizations with a great deal of expertise and extensive knowledge. BMS offers robust advisory on assessing the compliance requirements of the businesses.


Corporate Tax Advisory in UAE

At BMS, we have a precise understanding of the fact that each business differs in its goals, strategies and various other aspects. Hence, we customize the corporate tax solutions, per the client's requirements. 

Through BMS Auditing's corporate tax advisory, our corporate tax consultants in UAE also assist our valuable clients on issues such as Corporate Tax Registration, Filing CT Returns, etc., and explain the updated regulations from the Federal Tax Authority to prevent the payment of CT fines and penalties

With our quality services in every aspect, we are highly recommended by clients for all business requirements, especially Corporate Tax Services in the UAE. For assistance or queries related to Corporate Tax, call BMS Auditing Dubai Today, or visit our office for more clarifications. 

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