With the introduction of corporate tax in the UAE with that standard CT Rate of 9%, as a business owner, one should make significant changes in your business to cope with the regulations. You must also adhere to the new corporate tax system. Since needs and requirements vary from business to business, one must rely on the best corporate tax consultants in UAE who have expertise in giving solutions in all aspects.

A Corporate tax consultant in UAE plays a vital role in helping businesses by providing strategic guidance, optimizing tax efficiency, ensuring compliance with tax laws, and representing businesses during audits or investigations. Our team of Tax professionals is a group of tax agents, tax advisors and tax consultants who are certified by the Federal Tax authority (FTA) in UAE and are well versed with the UAE corporate tax law.

Our experts make an effort to consider all viable possibilities within the bounds of the law and offer you practical solutions. Our expert tax team at BMS will provide the help you need and address your questions about corporate tax.

We pledge to support your potential businesses with our specialist advice services, which will certainly aid you in meeting their compliance demands and growing your enterprise. Get in touch with our top corporate tax consultants in UAE now to get the best assistance to register, assess and audit your corporate taxes.


Corporate Tax Consultancy Services in UAE

At BMS Auditing, our streamlined process begins with in-depth consultations to understand your unique tax requirements and goals. Through corporate tax consultancy in Dubai, we provide strategic tax planning and optimization, ensuring you take full advantage of available deductions, credits, and incentives.

Our corporate tax consultants ensure compliance with UAE tax laws, handling reporting to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) accurately and on time. As your trusted tax advisor, we offer proactive guidance and recommendations to mitigate risks and optimize your tax position.

image with text listing out the corporate tax services offered by BMS corporate tax consultants in UAE

Corporate tax assessment

Given that the new legislation has been announced, we believe that its implementation should be carefully staged to guarantee that business activities can continue as usual both during and after implementation with the support of expert firms.

A successful corporate tax Impact Assessment can be carried out with the assistance of UAE corporate tax consultants that are experienced in recognizing and following regulatory tax requirements. BMS offers a team of skilled specialists with experience doing assignments correctly who can provide effective corporate tax impact assessment services in the UAE.


Corporate tax registration

BMS offers the best corporate tax registration services in the UAE in order to obtain a corporation tax registration number and certificate from the FTA. All enterprises in the UAE can now register for corporate tax. According to UAE corporate tax law, all taxable enterprises in the UAE must register for Corporate Tax and get a Corporate Tax Registration Number.

Consulting with corporate tax advisors in Dubai enables business owners to gain a better understanding of compliance standards and avoid severe penalties in the UAE.


Corporate tax audit

Auditing is a way of methodically verifying and assessing a company's information or records. BMS's skilled UAE tax consultants are recognized by the FTA who give customers simple and straightforward corporate tax audit services in UAE, guaranteeing that they are able to face new regulations and limits by following the best accounting standards and practices.


Corporate tax return filing

All businesses in the UAE must be fully corporate tax compliant and follow all FTA rules and regulations, such as timely corporate tax registration, the creation and use of a proper corporate tax invoice, the maintenance of books of accounts through proper accounting and bookkeeping, and many other mandatory procedures.

BMS covers all corporate tax-related concerns. We offer the best corporate tax services and assist businesses in avoiding corporate tax fines and penalties by directing them in the proper route. Many companies in the UAE rely on us to provide the best and most timely corporate tax-return filing services.


Transfer pricing

Businesses will be required to follow transfer pricing standards and paperwork requirements based on the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for corporate tax.

Proper transfer pricing paperwork will aid taxpayers in demonstrating that their transactions comply with the arm's length principle, hence eliminating transfer pricing problems. Increased volume and complexity of international and domestic transactions by a business entity will result in transfer pricing concerns, resulting in a large increase in compliance expenses for taxpayers.

BMS Auditing has FTA-Approved Corporate Tax consultants in UAE to offer Corporate Tax consulting, assessment, audit, registration, filing and compliance.


Objective of Corporate Tax Consulting in Dubai, UAE

Tax consultants aid businesses and business people in understanding the taxation structure of a nation. The UAE's tax consulting services include tax planning, tax analysis, tax return submission, Tax compliance and tax payment.

Selecting a corporate tax consultant in UAE is a superior strategy that keeps a company or individual informed of the nation's current tax regulations. We can improve the value of your company by:

  • Assessing and finding the right approach to implement CT for your company
  • Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of your corporate structure
  • Helping you select the proper corporate tax schemes, whether they are optional or required
  • Utilizing sensible strategies, boosting revenue, and cutting costs.
  • Reducing your tax obligation and following tax legislation
  • Help you save time and money by receiving the appropriate bookkeeping training
  • Establishing metrics-based performance evaluations to assess market trends
  • Provides assistance & corporate tax consultancy for free zones in UAE


Corporate Tax Consultancy in UAE - BMS Auditing

For the past many years, BMS has been offering the business community in the UAE comprehensive tax consulting services that completely meet their demands. We can assist you in more efficiently managing the tax structure of your business.

Based on the nature of the company entity and the needs of the owner, our experts resolve corporate tax issues and create specialized solutions suitable for them. We also give corporate tax consultancy for UAE free zones on managing the financial transactions within free zones and provide support on claiming corporate tax exemptions as well.

Our accountants can help you manage your taxes effectively and find methods to pay less in taxes. They can support you with the preparation of audited financial statements and tax returns. They can also carry out audits and renew your business licenses and permits.

In accordance with the comfort of our deserving clients, BMS also competently handles corporate tax filing & consultancy services in Dubai on time. Maximum customer satisfaction is our top focus. We pledge to provide your company with one of the best services possible and are well-known for our customer-centric approach.

We welcome your inquiries about our Corporate tax consulting services in the UAE. You can always rely on BMS for consistency and efficiency.




1.   What exactly is Corporate Tax in the UAE?

The Corporate Tax in the UAE is a direct tax levied on the net income or profit of corporations and other businesses. Corporate Tax is also known as Corporate Income Tax or Business Profits Tax in different jurisdictions.


2.   Why is hiring a corporate tax consultant in the UAE a good idea?

BMS corporate tax consultants can help your business with tax strategy by:

  • Analyzing the taxability of transactions
  • Ensuring compliance with UAE corporate tax Laws
  • Providing recommendations.


3.   What kind of documentation will a tax consultant ask for is required?

A company must keep financial and other records that explain the information contained in the CT return and other papers submitted to the FTA. Certain exempted individuals will also be required to keep documents in order for the FTA to determine their exempt status. You can read it here - Documents required for Corporate Tax UAE


4.   Will the tax consultant notify me of any government notices?

Yes, a BMS Tax consultant will assist you with any notices to keep your business compliant with any new regulations and decisions issued by the government.


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