Businesses that are subject to corporate tax are required to carry out corporate tax registration in the UAE and obtain the Corporate Tax Registration Number. For corporate tax registration, Contact BMS Auditing, the best Corporate Tax Service Provider in the UAE!

The UAE has announced the implementation of a 9% corporate tax on company profits, with a threshold of AED 375,000. Businesses preparing for the proposed UAE corporate tax need to understand the critical administrative requirements such as corporate tax registration, corporate tax deregistration, corporate tax filing of corporate tax returns and payment.

Consulting with corporate tax consultants in Dubai will help business owners to have a prior understanding of such compliance requirements. Failing to comply with these requirements may attract hefty corporate tax penalties in the UAE, which the government may announce soon.

Documents required for Corporate Tax registration in UAE

To register for Corporate Tax in UAE, businesses must be ready to submit the required documents. The process for corporate tax registration and fee submission will be done online. The following documents are required for Corporate Tax Registration in UAE.

  1. Copy of Trade License (must not be expired).
  2. Passport copy of the owner/partners who own the license (must not be expired).
  3. Emirates ID of the owner/partners who owns the license (must not be expired).
  4. Memorandum of Association (MOA) - Or - Power of Attorney (POA) 
  5. Concerned person's contact details (Mobile Number and E-mail).
  6. Contact details of the company (complete address and P.O. Box).
  7. Annual Financial Audit Report.

When you should register for Corporate Tax in UAE?

As per the corporate tax law, the registration process will be assigned by the federal tax authority on or before June 2023. If you may ask, What is the time limit for Corporate Tax registrationThe Ministry of Finance said Businesses in the UAE will have up to nine months from the end of the relevant tax period to submit their tax return and pay the federal corporate tax. 

Businesses must register with the Corporate Tax (CT) with the required documents before the time limit and pay the relevant tax amount to be paid. 

How you should register for Corporate Tax?

UAE Corporate Tax Registration can be completed online. Since the new EmaraTax platform was issued in the UAE to manage an efficient taxation process in the country, the FTA has made EmaraTax available as an online method for corporate tax registration and payment. You can create an account or migrate your FTA account following our EmaraTax login and Registration Guide.

The corporate tax registration process has started now in EmaraTax for selected entities until June 2023. Here is the dedicated guide from us, click the link to know the complete steps to register for CT in EmaraTax.

Steps to Register for UAE Corporate Tax in EmaraTax


Corporate Tax Registration Services in UAE

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