Our VAT accounting services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and UK will enable you to focus on your business. Lots of businesses and individuals are looking for professional accounting firms to handle their accounting as well as VAT.

Outsourcing VAT accounting services allows businesses to focus on their major goals and it also reduces stress and money. Instead of hiring a full-time accountant and spending monthly allowances and other costs, it is better to outsource VAT Accounting services from a professional accounting firm. 

What does a VAT Accountant do?

VAT Accounting is actually a combination of VAT services and Accounting Services. All the businesses registered under VAT must maintain their financial records and file a VAT return as per their assigned VAT period. Over and above this companies are required to maintain the number of records and information as required by the taxation laws. This will enable you to file the VAT return timely and accurate. Further, this will ensure sufficient documents and records for VAT audit by the Government agencies. 

VAT Accounting Procedures

VAT is a transaction tax and hence it influences numerous processes within your business. Subsequently, the need for VAT accounting measures and controls arises, these are:

        • General ledger
        • Inventory masters
        • Sales and purchase schemes of accounting entries
        • VAT recording and reporting
        • Tax coding of transactions
        • Master data of suppliers and customers to the business, knowledge of their place of establishment

It is necessary for all taxable businesses to keep their books in an organized and standardized form and must keep all the documents to avoid penalties and fines.

Looking for Best VAT Accounting Services?

Our company offers you an exclusive range of services that we can provide to your company’s requirements related to VAT accounting and tax compliances. Our accurate review of VAT accounting – measures & delivers Value Addition by finding an efficient method to control the VAT functions within your business where ever possible. We also ensure that the processes and controls meet VAT audit and other applicable requirements. We are here to support you with all your VAT accounting needs.

Outsource VAT Accounting Services

Apart from certified accountants, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to handle all your accounting and VAT requirements. Being your trusted VAT accounting service provider and financial consultant, we are ready to confront any financial challenges that you may experience. We adapt our services to the precise needs of individual companies, to support the proper operation and compliance.

BMS Auditing has always been the top provider of accounting services in Dubai and can provide you with advice on how your business should address VAT along with the structure of your company accounts. Whether you are a small business trying to develop, or a large-scale business, we can creatively resolve any of the inevitable issues that may arise from time to time. Our VAT accounting services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and UK will ensure VAT compliance and proper management of the books. For quality and timely VAT accounting services, Contact BMS!


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