Accounting services in Dubai are crucial for companies operating in the region due to several important factors. The integrity, comparability, and transparency of financial accounts must first be ensured by conformity to international accounting standards. Businesses can get help from accounting firms in Dubai to follow these rules and maintain accurate financial records.

Second, Dubai has unique guidelines and requirements for taxation, auditing, and financial reporting. Accounting services help firms navigate these regulations, ensure compliance, and avoid penalties. These services also provide crucial support for financial management, tax and VAT compliance, business expansion, and effective risk management. Overall, the performance and long-term profitability of firms in Dubai depend on accounting services.

BMS Auditing is a leading Accounting firm in UAE to offer comprehensive accounting services in Dubai for businesses through the best chartered accountants. As one of the leading accounting & Audit companies in the UAE, our team of qualified professional chartered accountants focuses on providing complete bookkeeping and accounting services ensuring on complying with the accounting standards of UAE.

International Financial Reporting Standards have greatly increased the complexity and technicality of accounting and bookkeeping. We do, however, have the expertise to skillfully negotiate these challenges and cover all areas of accountancy. To create a package that precisely satisfies your demands for accounting services in Dubai, UAE, it is our major goal to fully comprehend your business objectives and long-term goals.


Chartered Accountants in UAE

Our Chartered Accountants in Dubai play a crucial role in maintaining the trust and credibility necessary for sustainable growth as the financial industry in the country develops and flourishes.

  • Ascertain financial position: Financial statements are prepared by chartered accountants to assess a company's liquidity, profitability, and solvency.
  • Determine profit/loss: Chartered accountants can determine the business's profits and losses with accurate record-keeping.
  • Facilitate decision-making: Decision-making is aided by the communication of a company's performance provided by chartered accountants.
  • Ensure legal compliance: Chartered accountants make sure financial statements abide by federal, state, and local laws to avoid fines and penalties.
  • Protect assets: Chartered accountants protect company assets from unlawful use or misapplication.


Our team of Chartered Accountants at BMS has specialized knowledge that is essential in the financial sector of the UAE. They act as crucial defenders of financial integrity, assuring accuracy, transparency, and compliance with rules. Their efforts boost investor confidence, protect the interests of stakeholders, and support the economy's general stability and expansion in the UAE. 


Outsourcing Accounting Services in UAE

Accounting services are being outsourced more frequently in Dubai for several reasons and a few are mentioned below:

Receiving Payment: If your customers fail to pay you what they owe, it may result in serious issues. By checking the Accounts Receivable section of your financial records, you can keep track of the money your clients owe you. You can establish methods to retrieve the money you've earned and assure payment accuracy by using financial reports. This procedure can be facilitated by outsourcing accounting work to firms.

Ensuring Tax Compliance: The UAE does not apply any taxes other than VAT. To comply with the VAT Law, accurate accounting records must be kept. Accounting firms help with VAT responsibilities, submit VAT returns, and make appeals to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) regarding fines. A strong accounting system aids in avoiding UAE VAT fines.

To Appeal to investors or sell your firm: You could not now be looking for investors or closing your business. However, it's a good idea to leave your options open if it's going to happen soon. You need to have a strong accounting system in place if you want to attract investors or potential customers. Investors and potential buyers would want an audit of your accounting records to confirm that your business is successful and growing. To draw in investors or customers, you can get help through this.

Aids in Enhancement Planning: Every prosperous company venture starts with a vision. The strategy takes into account your company's expansion plans, goals, and financial outlook for the upcoming year, among other things. Only by closely monitoring your bookkeeping can you develop a successful business success strategy.

It will be tough to have a clear financial picture of your small business without proper reporting. you can determine important factors like whether or not the cost of sales supplied has increased, whether or not gaps have narrowed, whether or not your expansion plans are reasonable, and so on.


Top Accounting Services in Dubai.

Accounting firms in Dubai provide comprehensive solutions and expertise to ensure accurate financial reporting, compliance with regulations, and efficient management of financial processes. Here we list out the top-notch accounting services in UAE to meet the diverse financial needs of businesses operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Offhores and Free Zones too.



Every firm needs bookkeeping, which is the process of recording financial transactions. It would be exceedingly challenging to manage a profitable business without accurate and current bookkeeping. Bookkeeping services can be used to track spending, monitor income, and create financial statements in addition to keeping track of all financial activities.



A company's debt to its suppliers is represented by accounts payable (A/P). Normally, a business pays a supplier for the goods it orders within 30 days. As a result, the business must keep track of the sums owed to all of its suppliers. Many accounting firms manage AP on their client’s behalf.



Funds owed by clients to a business are known as accounts receivable (A/R). Normally, this sum is listed as an asset on the company's balance sheet. Businesses generally create an accounts receivable ledger to keep track of their receivables. All relevant details regarding the unpaid balance due from each customer will be recorded in this ledger.



Calculating employee compensation and deducting taxes and benefits are all parts of the payroll processing process. Payroll software is used by payroll processors to create pay stubs and compute payroll taxes. Due to its complexity and time commitment, payroll processing in Dubai is a chore that many firms contract out to payroll service companies.



The process of bank reconciliation involves comparing the balances in an organization's accounting records with the relevant data from the bank statements. To guarantee the correctness of the organization's financial records, this procedure is crucial. To maintain correct financial records, bank reconciliation can be a difficult and time-consuming operation.



In UAE, there is a range of Taxes for businesses and individuals, namely, VAT, Excise Tax, Corporate Tax & Customs Duties. A tax accountant is in charge of making sure the business pays the appropriate amount of tax and offers guidance on how to reduce the amount of tax the business pays. They might also assist with the creation and submission of tax returns.



A top-level financial expert known as a fractional CFO is recruited on a temporary or part-time basis during times of change or expansion, to offer organizations strategic and financial advice. The primary goal of fractional CFOs through our CFO Services in UAE is to assist companies in making wise financial decisions that will enhance their long-term prospects.



Investigating and analyzing financial crimes using accounting concepts and practices is known as forensic accounting. To find and stop fraud, forensic accountants employ their expertise in audits, investigation, and accounting. They might work for government organizations, private accounting firms, or law enforcement organizations.



VAT accounting is an essential part of any firm, but especially of one involved in the VAT sector. According to UAE Tax Law, every taxable entity is obligated to maintain detailed records, and assuring thorough documentation. Accurate record-keeping is necessary to calculate and pay the required consumption tax on time.



Corporate tax is a type of direct tax that is imposed on the income or profits of corporations and other commercial entities. It is also known as "Corporate Income Tax" and "Business Profits Tax."To put it simply, it is a tax imposed on the profits generated by businesses. Businesses and qualifying free zone persons who are eligible for corporate tax registration must prepare and submit mandated audit reports to the FTA. BMS offers a comprehensive corporate tax audit and accounting for filing your reports in a way smoother process.



A free zone is a specially designated area that promotes foreign ownership and promotes free trade. Businesses operating in these zones are required to abide by the rules and restrictions established by the authority in charge of the specific free zone. Companies that are registered in free zones and have a free zone trade licence must submit an audited yearly financial statement to renew their free zone trade licence.


Major significances

Our bookkeeping and accounting services are made to boost development while keeping your money under control, arranged, and manageable. We also provide small businesses and individuals with a full range of accounting services, ranging from the adoption of cloud accounting software to business consulting, accounting services, self-assessment, and bookkeeping services.

Joining us can open you to the following benefits,

  • Filing and managing taxes: We assist businesses in determining their tax liabilities, paying any back taxes, and keeping appropriate tax records to avert penalties or audits.
  • Tracking and managing transactions: To give a clear picture of the company's financial situation, we maintain track of income, expenses, unpaid debts, and awaiting payments.
  • Budgeting and planning: To improve the company's financial position and direct decision-making, we offer support in creating budgets, controlling expenses, and cutting unnecessary expenditures.
  • Making crucial business decisions: We provide information on the company's financial condition, which affects decisions on funding, expansion, and the introduction of new goods or initiatives.
  • Automated Accounting Tools: BMS Accounting Services offers automated accounting tools that make tracking and recording financial transactions easier and faster. These solutions guarantee higher accuracy, eliminate the dangers of human record-keeping, and give companies access to tamper-proof, secured financial data.
  • Saves Time: BMS handles collecting, tracking, and updating your company's financial records, freeing up your management staff from devoting countless hours to these tasks.
  • Timeliness: We at BMS are renowned for being precise and ensuring the timely submission of tasks. We prioritize accuracy to make sure that each task gets completed on time.
  • Extended Assistance: Businesses in the UAE gain access to highly skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of accounting principles, tax regulations, compliance requirements, and industry-specific rules when they outsource their accounting services to BMS.


Accounting Firm in Dubai

BMS Auditing is a Top Accounting firm in Dubai with skilled chartered accountants in Dubai to offer a wide range of accounting services. We provide both comprehensive solutions and specific corporate accounting services, giving you the freedom to pick and choose the accounting services best suited to your needs.

For any organization, maintaining control of accounting and reporting requirements is challenging. Outsourcing such challenges to the best accounting firms in UAE will ease and streamline your business.

If you're considering outsourcing your accounting function, we encourage you to get in touch with BMS to learn more about how we can assist you. Our outsourced accounting services can benefit your company in several ways. To accommodate your unique needs, our team of qualified experts offers timely, customized service. We can streamline your accounting function, whether it be audit preparation, due diligence, or financial management, allowing you to focus on business growth. Contact our expert accounting firm today, and let's work to improve your business.




1. What role do accounting services play?

Without a doubt, accounting plays a key role in how a business operates. Accounting services also involve tracking spending and revenues as well as tax preparation and counseling. Accounting is involved with creating efficient record-keeping procedures and maintaining accurate financial records.


2. What makes accounting crucial in a commercial setting?

There is nothing that compares to the importance of accounting in a company organization. This procedure monitors the stability and financial health of your business. A business can examine the records of its financial transactions by employing the appropriate accounting type. As a result, it can calculate the expenditures incurred and profit made using the proper accounting techniques.


3. Why is accounting a business language?

Since accounting takes into account all financial activities when expressing the financial success of the organization to internal stakeholders as well as the outside world, it is frequently referred to as the "language of business."


4. Why would someone in the UAE require a qualified accountant?

Every organization, whether based in the UAE or elsewhere, needs to have an accounting department. You record, gauge, categorize, and validate financial data during this procedure. Accounting also enables you to understand how and where you have spent company funds as well as the value and kind of your firm's liabilities.


5. What are the latest accounting regulations in the UAE?

According to updated rules imposed by "The UAE Commercial Companies Law" in 2015, public limited companies listed on the NASDAQ Dubai, Dubai Financial Market PJSC, Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange must adhere to IFRS standards for accounting. The same holds true for foreign corporations doing business in the UAE.

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