Excise tax registration in UAE is required for any business that imports, produces or stockpiles excise goods, or releases them from a designated zone. An excise tax registration service in UAE needs to be done as per the law of the UAE. BMS Auditing is offering the best and most timely excise tax registration services in UAE.

Excise Tax Rates in UAE

The following are the UAE excise tax rates:

Excise Tax Products

Excise Tax Rate

Tobacco Products


Energy Drinks


Carbonated Drinks


Since December 2019, the excise tax was also imposed on the following:

      • Electronic smoking devices or tools
      • Liquids used in these devices or tools
      • Sweetened drinks

What is the deadline for registration of Excise Tax in UAE?

There is no specific deadline for excise tax registration in UAE, and hence, a corporation willing to be involved in listed activities, must register before the date of introduction, and account for excise tax.

Why is Excise Tax imposed in UAE?

The UAE government levies excise taxes to raise money for the government that may be used to fund useful public services while also reducing the consumption of unhealthy and hazardous goods.

Documents Needed in the UAE to Register for Excise Tax

You may better comprehend the fundamental processes and documentation required for the activity by using the appropriate excise tax auditing services. You must gather a number of documents linked to the registration process in order to register for excise tax in the UAE.

If you are prepared with the following paperwork for the tax registration procedure, it will be more convenient for you:

      1. Emirates IDs of the top management, owner, and manager
      2. trade license
      3. Declaration of Incorporation (if applicable)
      4. authoritative signatures on papers
      5. Copy of the manager's, owner's, and senior management's passport
      6. Articles of Association, a Partnership Agreement/Club or Association Registration/Law or Decree (if applicable)
      7. Bank account information
      8. The Customs number (if applicable)

Your business information such as

Information about your company, including: - The purpose for which you are registering for excise tax (producer, importer, etc.).

      1. The TRN if you have registered for excise tax in another GCC State
      2. Information on the excise items that the company deals in.
      3. Registration with the Customs Authority (if applicable).

How Does Excise Tax Affect Consumers?

The imposition of an excise tax raises the price of the product, but by a smaller amount than the whole amount of the tax, and the price burden is shared by both producers and consumers. The precise impact is determined by the product's elasticities of demand and supply.

What businesses are required to register for Excise Tax?

        • Importing excise goods to the UAE
        • Producing excise goods released to be consumed in the UAE
        • Stockpiling the excise goods
        • Whoever is responsible for overseeing excise warehouse or specific zone, such as warehouse keeper

FTA provides high-end support and guidance to assist with this task, although it is the responsibility of the business to ensure the fulfilment of the required compliance. FTA can conduct audits of taxable corporates, thus imposing penal measures on those not complying with the law.

How to register for excise tax in the UAE?

To register for excise tax in UAE, following steps needs to be followed:

Create an e-Services account

      1. Sign up by creating a username/password
      2. Verify your email address within 24 hours
      3. Log in to your e-Services account

Registering for Excise Tax 

      1. Click Register for Excise Tax
      2. Complete all mandatory fields (marked with *)
      3. Click Submit for Approval once to submit the form
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