BMS Oman has the most expert VAT consultants in Oman providing all types of VAT services tailored to your business. We have the best VAT consultants who could help your business grow and protect you from any major issues.


After UAE, KSA & Bahrain, Oman introduced VAT in April 2021 with 5% on the sales and purchases of all goods and services. VAT Law in Oman is self-evaluated with a higher probability of errors resulting in penalties, and time-consuming interaction with the Tax Authority that affects the business. 

Surrounded by Middle East countries, Oman is considered an ‘open door’ to attract various countries, allowing entrepreneurs and business owners to expand their business empires. Businesses in Oman need to approach VAT consultants to understand the impact of the VAT presentation on business transactions and ensure they follow the new requirements to avoid the Oman VAT fines and Penalties

With the new registrations and VAT laws, you could find it difficult to decide how to adapt to the updates. Here, the VAT consultants in Oman take the role of providing you with different ways to run the business smoothly through world-class VAT Services in Oman


Top VAT Consultants in Oman

Although BMS Auditing is one of the top audit firms in Oman that possesses talented VAT consultants, you need a little wider choice of options. Here is the list of top VAT consultants in Oman,

  1. BMS Oman
  2. OEAA Oman VAT Advisory
  3. Moore Oman VAT Advisory
  4. Deloitte VAT Advisory
  5. KPMG Oman VAT Advisory
  6. EY VAT Advisory Services


Need For VAT Consultants in Oman

With professional VAT Consultants, you as a taxpayer will have the opportunity to know about the types of tax structures in Oman mentioned below.

  • Withholding Tax: Presently, the retention charge is at 10%, to be paid by the taxpayer to the government 
  • Customs Duty: The rate has been implemented on the import/export of products to raise revenue, at 5% based on measurement, weight, etc. Import of explicit products such as tobacco, liquor, etc is rated at 100%. 
  • Corporate Tax: 15% is the standard rate for Corporate Tax in Oman.


Why Choose BMS VAT Consultants?

BMS is a leading VAT consulting firm in Oman that understands your business requirements, by providing the perfect solution including an experienced and knowledgeable VAT team, VAT advisory, training, and consulting solutions, VAT recording, billing, and payment to the Tax Authority in Oman. 


VAT Services offered by BMS

BMS Oman is one of the approved Tax Agents. We cover all the elements of VAT and provide the best VAT services in Oman. Our VAT services include:


With BMS in Oman, you need not worry about VAT! We assist you with every aspect and keep you updated on VAT laws so you stay compliant and protected from VAT penalties. 

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