BMS Auditing Oman has established its reputation in the list of top audit firms in Oman by providing high quality auditing services of all kinds. An auditing firm in Oman plays a vital role in the growth of a business. Audit Firms not only help businesses in reducing operational costs but also boost profitability and ensure the smooth running of operations. 

Best Auditing Firms In Oman

BMS Auditing provides exceptional audit services in Oman at affordable prices. The services include a written factual report of findings from the professional auditors’ testing and review. This is different from reporting as there is no opinion issued. 

There will not be profit from economic benefits unless the businesses access the audit firms in Oman, enabling them to comply with government regulations. The audit services should ensure the proper functioning of operations and targets achieved within the legal framework. BMS Auditing helps you as one of the leading auditing firms in Oman

List of Top Audit Firms in Oman

Today BMS Auditing ranks among the reputed professional audit services firm in Oman providing multi-disciplinary services in Audit, Accounting, Bookkeeping, VAT Registration, VAT Return Filing, Excise tax and Feasibility study services. Here is the list of top 5 audit companies in Oman.

  1. BMS Auditing Oman
  2. Mazars Oman
  3. KPMG Oman
  4. Crowe Oman
  5. BDO Oman




1. BMS Auditing Oman

BMS Auditing is a top auditing firm in Oman. BMS has locations in eight countries throughout the globe and offers high-quality services in audit, accounting, VAT, business consulting, tax compliance, feasibility studies, and other areas. BMS's audit techniques are adapted to the operations and reporting needs of customers, with a focus on each company and sector. We provide insight and encourage transparency via our audit and assurance work.

Their worldwide coordinated tax professionals provide linked services across all tax disciplines to help you prosper in a fast-changing world. BMS covers a wide range of business requirements and assists enterprises in aligning their operations in a more tax-efficient way.

In fact, they provide a range of financial services that comprises within these categories. 

2. Mazars

A renowned worldwide audit, tax, and consultancy business is Mazars. They operate as a single, integrated team, using their combined knowledge, resources, and cultural awareness to provide superior and specialized audit and accounting services as well as tax, financial advice, consulting, and legal services. They support their customers in seizing opportunities, acting with conviction, and inspiring confidence in their stakeholders.


At KPMG, they focus on increasing openness and reestablishing trust in corporate reporting, which goes well beyond legislative requirements for increased disclosure. KPMG is steadfast in its commitment to providing a reliable risk-based audit. Their comprehensive strategy is intended to assist organizations of all sizes, from SMEs to the biggest international businesses, and to take advantage of a worldwide talent pool.

4. Crowe

Crowe is dedicated to the success of its clients and, as such, is determined to provide them with core business advice, qualitative solutions, and personalized and comprehensive services. They are aware of the ever-changing and dynamic market conditions and strive to stay current and fully equipped with the highest technical standards and expertise required for any situation in the corporate world.

5. BDO

BDO has the ideal combination of experience, technical competence, and commercial insight to provide our customers with high-quality audit services. BDO offers independent credibility for your financial statements, skilled management advice, and solutions to enhance processes and performance. BDO's significant knowledge in assurance services, together with an experienced and certified team, will provide value and ensure that the audit is completed within time, cost, and quality criteria.

Approved Auditing Firms in Oman

The services provided by BMS Auditing in Oman are recognized and approved by the government authorities of Sultanate of Oman and the major Banks in Oman. BMS Auditing is also registered under the following free zones of oman: 

  • Salalah Free Zone
  • Sohar Port and Free Zone
  • Al Mazunah Free Zone
  • Duqm Special Economic Zone
  • Knowledge Oasis Muscat Economic Zone

Why BMS Auditing is a leading audit firm in Oman?

Being one of the leading audit firms in Oman, BMS provides impressive services to all kinds of businesses across various sectors. BMS auditors are chosen after thorough research and evaluation of their qualifications. BMS always works towards providing specialized audit services with a promise of utmost professionalism and efficiency in the delivery of services.

What does BMS do?
  • Enhancing the accuracy and completeness of the financial statements of the client
  • Ensuring the presentation of client’s accounting records by the accounting framework
  • Assisting in compliance with the best corporate governance practices

Significance of BMS Auditing in Oman

BMS Auditing has a team of accountants and specialized specialists that are qualified to provide an honest and critical analysis of the company's financial statements for investors and other stakeholders. It offers several unique features that differentiate it from the other audit firms in Oman. 

Planning and budgeting:

They provide a thorough study of the financial transactions and reports of the organization, which also results in the examination of certain categories of assets, liabilities, revenue, and spending. This allows the business the chance to make better financial plans, budgets, and decisions in the future based on the knowledge and findings of an auditing agency.


BMS makes sure that business operations and financial reporting adhere to legal requirements and professional norms.

Business/System Enhancement:

By examining objectively typical business operations conducted by the organization, BMS Auditing's audit methodology offers suggestions for methods to strengthen internal controls, business systems, reporting architecture, production efficiency, governance, and working culture.

Help in Securing Financing:

BMS Auditing in Oman finds any gaps in the company's accounting system and makes recommendations on how to save costs and guarantee the best possible use of resources. Businesses that operate more efficiently and with correct financial records are better equipped to attract investors and get outside capital via mutually beneficial connections.

Saving from Tax and legal issues:

Avoiding inaccurate accounting information maintenance might raise a company's tax liability. It is possible to significantly increase the amount of taxes owed by the business by overstating income, inventory value, or other items. This can result in a personal or business tax return audit. In order to prevent any legal concerns, BMS Auditing enables firms to provide correct accounting information to lenders, investors, and the general public.

Choose the best audit firm in Oman!

BMS Auditing is a Muscat, Oman-based registered auditing firm providing cost effective value for money services to meet your business needs under one roof. We follow highest level of professional ethics and quality in our Oman audit services. With our commitment to high standards of client services and professionalism, we are pleased to say that the firm is now one of the leading auditing and consulting firms in Oman, Contact BMS Auditing Oman.

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