A global leader in business cloud software Infor, specialized by industry, announced that it newly organised an Infor Technology Day to help spearhead Saudi Bugshan’s ambitious digital transformation strategy.

The event, which took place on 20 Feb at the Ritz Carlton in Jeddah was an educational day and started for the digital transformation of Saudi Bugshan.

Saudi Bugshan has 47 companies, its business is geared to food & beverage, distribution & trading, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, education and automotive, consist of leading brands like MenaBev, Lays crisps, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Mitsubishi dealerships, Bridgestone Tyres and Maxis Tyres.

“Digital transformation is a cornerstone of our expansion strategy in Saudi Arabia and beyond. It will enable us to gain greater insights into all areas of our business, increase transparency and help us to tap the full potential of automation and big data. It is central to our commitment to boost efficiency and offer an unparalleled service to our customers. By holding this event with Infor, we ensured that our entire organization came together and gained valuable insights into the importance of digital transformation and how it fits into our strategy and execution plans. We’re excited to move forward with Infor on our vital digital transformation journey.” Said Khaled Bugshan chairman of Saudi Bugshan Barmaja.

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