BankDhofar signed an agreement with an Omani Fintech startup company TelyPay, which is supported by the Oman Technology Fund (OTF). The agreement was signed between Abu Baker Karim al Balushi, head of information technology at BankDhofar, and Ahmed al Shibli, CEO of TelyPay.

“We are pleased to sign this partnership with TelyPay. This collaboration reflects our vision and continued efforts in providing innovative services and cutting-edge technology solutions for banks. TelyPay is supported by the Oman Technology Fund. Through this partnership, BankDhofar will support them refine and deploy their financial services. BankDhofar and TelyPay have common visions when it comes to creativity, innovation, transparency. We look forward to see the state-of- the-art payment solution in the marketplace.” said Abu Baker Karim al Balushi.

BankDhofar, one of the region’s most innovative and forward-looking banks considers that it is very important to bring Fintech innovation and creativity brought into its environment, where it can be securely accessed and seamlessly integrated and scaled across the bank for the benefit of customers. Of all the new startups, TelyPay was unique.

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with BankDhofar, the leading bank in Oman when it comes to innovating and providing the best financial experiences for its customers. BankDhofar is at the forefront of cultivating the Fintech ecosystem in the Omani market. Consolidating this partnership with BankDhofar is just the start of a long relationship that we foresee. This relationship would bring more Fintech services into the Omani market, services that would make payment more convenient and that would empower customers to do more with their money. The services that are coming up would help support the Omani e-commerce and paid services ecosystems. Our partnership with BankDhofar would allow us to offer more independent forms of payment that would satisfy a large cross-section of the Omani market in the short term and the regional market in the long term.” Said Ahmed Al Shibli, CEO of TelyPay.

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