For online VAT Registration in Oman, Companies need to submit certain documents required for VAT registration to Oman Tax Authority to get the VAT Certificate. Precisely, Oman implemented VAT in April 2021, to be the fourth of the six Arab Gulf states to launch VAT by the VAT union agreement.

VAT Registration Requirements in Oman

In order to apply for the online VAT registration in Oman, Here are some of the inevitable documents you require to register for VAT in Oman:

    1. Legal Name
    2. Trade Name
    3. Commercial Registration Number (CRN)
    4. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    5. Excise Tax Identification Number
    6. Customs identification number
    7. The legal form of the business
    8. Address of the business
    9. Contact number
    10. Email ID
    11. Registration for special zones
    12. Customs suspension situations

As you make sure all the forms are correct to your knowledge, you can submit the application and make sure you keep the receipt for reference. You will then be issued a VAT registration certificate as your application is approved by Tax Authority. 

VAT Registration Threshold

Mandatory VAT Registration in Oman

As per Oman Tax Authority (OTA) in Oman, companies or individuals having an annual turnover of OMR 38,500 or more must apply for VAT registration. (Mandatory VAT registration).

Voluntary VAT Registration in Oman

You can choose Voluntary VAT registration if you fall in one of these categories:

1. If you live in any part of Oman and exceed the annual revenue from commercial, industrial, professional or any activity, the voluntary registration limit is OMR 19,250.

2. If you own a residence in Oman, exceeding the annual expenses spends on the basis of commercial, industrial, professional or any activity, the limit is OMR 19,250.

VAT Registration Guide in Oman

The tax authorities in Oman launched the VAT registration guide, explaining the requirements for registration to businesses and individuals. The guide comprises various aspects, such as the obligation to register for VAT and the registration criteria during the period- Transition period. 


Here are the important steps involved in VAT registration in Oman: 

1. Determine if the person is liable to register for VAT

2. Determine the components of annual products for registration

3. Evaluate or estimate the total value of products for the term clarified in the guide

4. Confirm the date of registration based on the result of estimation or calculation of the total value

5. Apply for registration based on the process clarified by the tax authority

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Who should register for VAT Oman?

Here are some criteria to categorize people who should register for VAT in Oman:

      • A person who resides in the Sultanate of Oman, who exceeds or is likely to exceed  the annual revenue or likely to exceed, from commercial, industrial, or any similar business activity; or exceeds the threshold of mandatory registration.
      • A person without a residence in the country is liable to pay tax, irrespective of his income.

To register for VAT, the following factors have to be considered:

      • Calculating the total value of products for registration.
      • Calculating the total value after implementation of the VAT Law.
Timeline for VAT Registration in Oman

Once you calculate the annual products for VAT registration, you must submit the application to register with the tax authority within the dates mentioned by the Decision of the Head of the Tax authority. 

The registration date is the day when the registration comes into effect, and you must abide by the laws with the provisions, such as the issue of tax invoices, accounting records, submission of tax declarations, and other tax liabilities. 

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VAT Registration Services in Oman

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