The real estate development arm of the MAG Holding Group, MAG Development announced the launch of its innovative ‘MAG YES PLAN’. It offers an extraordinary package of facilities and affordable payment plans that allow customers to have their own customised homes, that suit their monthly income purchase power.

MAG YES PLAN offers three flexible plans to become a homeowner, MAG ZERO PLAN one of the 3 customized plans allow clients to buy the property without a down payment and without a final payment of delivery, with full exemption from registration fees. This programme, offers the chance to buy an apartment in just 15 minutes, MAG Development offers direct debit payments from the customer’s bank account to facilitate the process of paying. They also provide other options for the customer to pay fixed, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly payments, without any banking facilities.

“MAG Development” has launched a comprehensive and unprecedented flexible payment plan for the first time in its history. It is carefully designed to give the customer the opportunity to pay for the housing unit in equal instalments. It is not subject to change throughout the payment period which spans from 5 years to 24 years. According to the terms of each payment plan, customers will be able to own a townhouse or an apartment without registration fees, no down payment or final payment on handover. This program confirms our great interest in meeting the requirements of the market and enables anyone with a fixed monthly income to be able to become a landlord without the need of large payments and without hidden fees” said Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, Senior Executive Vice Chairman of MAG Development.

The company working hard to meet the demand in all real estate segments, from affordable housing projects up to luxury developments. MAG development offers effective solutions to the real estate market in Dubai that keep pace with market changes and make the best use of the facilities provided by the Government of Dubai.

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