The Misk Media Forum will take place in Cairo on October 26, featuring 45 speakers from 12 different companies. This forum is arranged by the Initiatives Center of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Foundation (Misk), which has set up the event as an empowerment platform for eight startups set to take part.

The startups come from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. All of them concentrate on the creation or delivery of digital content for marketing and consulting services from animation and graphics, to audio effects, script writing and filmmaking.

The forum provides workshops delivered by industry experts and pioneers. It includes ‘Smartphone journalism’, ‘Keeping up with the ever-changing digital marketing world’, ‘The role of advertisers in supporting the new media industry’, ‘Smart revolution and the seventh art’, Crisis-management media, Media economics’, ‘Monitoring social media platforms and using data to understand your users’, ‘The impact of podcasts’, and ‘How to attract millions to watch 20 minutes of content every day’. These are the areas that will be discussed.

“Aims to raise awareness about media developments and solutions for individuals and societies in the younger generation, enable them to discover job opportunities in all media fields, accelerate the transfer of skills and modern technology to Arab youth, and empower the region to become a pioneer in the media-content industry.” -Misk media press release

This forum will also discuss the impact of new media in the decision making process and governments’ ability to build influential digital platforms.

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