Non-oil exports in Oman expects to create positive financial impact on countries economy. Revenue from Oman’s non-oil exports is increasing year by year in 2017 it was US$8.2 billion and it rose to US$9.7 billion in 2018. This have created employment to over 240,000 people in Oman.

“Oman’s manufacturers play a crucial role in communities right across the Sultanate, creating new and sustainable jobs, which have helped accelerate Oman’s ambitious economic plans, we’re living in a digital age, where borders no longer matter. In fact, the word multi-national has long been associated with the world’s largest companies. But today, that label no longer carries the same meaning,” said Nasima Al Balushi, director general, Investment & Export at Ithraa.

She spoke about this while addressing the manufacturers and business leaders on Sunday. When attending Oman Export Week (OEW19).

“We’re passionate about helping our private sector and companies of all sizes capitalise on economic growth wherever in the world it’s taking place. To this end we support Omani businesses to ensure they can compete in an increasingly challenging global marketplace,” Balushi added.

Omani products and services have tremendous international demand. Optical fibre, sanitary ware etc have high demand in international market.

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