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Are you running a retail outlet in the Malls of Oman? It is quite obvious that you prepare sales audit reports every year in Oman. 

What is a Sales Audit? A Sales Audit also termed a Sales Process Audit is a comprehensive analysis of a sales process in a company, involving a review of every aspect, from staff, software, tools, etc. to strategies. An audit helps you detect the loopholes and prospects for the sales team to enhance from all dimensions.

A Sales Audit is essential to set up the sales team and company for future prosperity. The evaluations are conducted by internal or external auditors, based on the preferences of the organization. 

Sales Audit Report for Majid Al Futtaim Mall

Properties owned by Majid Al Futtaim comprise various shopping malls in the country. These properties have made tremendous progress with an array of development projects. The City Centre Muscat is the Sultanate of Oman's first regional mall that was launched in October 2001, hence becoming the 5th largest shopping and entertainment destination in Oman with 140,000 sq. Mts of retail space. 

How to prepare a Sales Audit Report for shopping malls?

Every company has a unique sales audit process with essential components. As you cover each component, make sure you maintain the revenue goals. 

Here are the steps to prepare a sales audit report:

  1. Analyze your sales process or the plan
  2. Review the existing equipment and assets
  3. Review the existing content and sales resources
  4. Evaluate the quality of the current templates
  5. Evaluate the current reporting
  6. Assess the sales energy

Sales Audit Services in Oman

While most business processes lead to expenditure sales is one of those providing revenue. Regardless of the quality of services offered, it is crucial and essential to track the sales processes and analyze them for the best outcomes. BMS Oman has the finest auditing team in Oman and helps to optimize the sales processes by performing a detailed analysis of the sales funnel for the malls of Majid Al Futtaim

To be more precise, the sales audit services at BMS begin with the evaluation of hiring the sales staff. We track the personnel records, background, experiences, and mode of selection to create a base for the sales audits. We also focus on the market conditions based on which the sales are conducted. 

We also assess the customer services provided beside the after-sale services. This helps us identify the level of satisfaction with the services and the potential to visit again. We enable customer feedback from the Customer Service department, thus using it to evaluate the relationship with the customers. 

So, all set to prepare the sales audit reports for your business? In case of assistance or queries, reach out to BMS in Oman! 

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