The UAE's Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has simplified the supplier registration procedure in the age of digital changes by utilizing its In-Country Value (ICV) platform. For companies looking to participate in government initiatives, this detailed guide guarantees a seamless registration process. 

1. Visit the Website

To kick off the registration journey, head to the official MoIAT ICV platform at

2. Login with UAE Pass

Utilize the secure UAE Pass to log in to the platform, ensuring the confidentiality and safety of your credentials.

3. Navigate to Registration

Once logged in, click through the following tabs: : <Projects>, <Programs>, <National In-Country Value program>, <Join Now>.

4. Company Registration

  • If your company doesn't have an existing profile, hit the "Register Company" button.
  • Complete the registration by providing the necessary details and attaching essential documents like your trade license, power of attorney, and memorandum of agreement.

5. Bidding Process

Move to the "Bidding Process" tab.

6. Select Certifying Body

  • Click "Select CBs" to initiate a new bidding process.
  • Opt for "BMS Auditing" from the list of certifying bodies.

7. Fill Out Questionnaire

  • Answer the questionnaire with your company details.
  • Click "Request Quote" to proceed.

8. Request Quote

  • BMS Auditing will promptly send you a quote based on the information provided.
  • Evaluate the offer and choose to accept, counteroffer, or reject as per your business requirements.

9. Engagement Letter

Upon finalizing terms, the selected Certifying body, in this case, BMS Auditing, will upload a signed engagement letter in the dedicated "Engagement Letter" section.

10. Essential Documents/Information

Ensure you have the following readily available:

  • UAE Access Pass (Power of Attorney/Owner/Partner)
  • Company Trade License- Need to Upload
  • Company Logo- Need to Upload in “Avatar” section
  • Official Email ID
  • Official Contact Number
  • Company Address
  • Power of Attorney/MOA- Need to Upload

BMS Auditing: Your Trusted ICV Partner

BMS Auditing is a reputable certifying body that is well-known for its effectiveness and expertise in the ICV process. By providing precise and clear evaluations, BMS Auditing guarantees that companies can easily handle the complexities of the ICV platform. We are an essential collaborator in the supplier registration process, reassuring firms looking to work together on government projects with prompt responses and dedication to the highest standards. Choose BMS Auditing if you prefer an efficient and trustworthy ICV certification process.

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