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The United States has an advanced tax system, based on the basic principle of “Earn High Pay High”, wherein you pay higher taxes as per your high earnings. Every individual, no matter whether you are a citizen or a non-citizen, is obliged to pay taxes as per the laws and regulations of the country. Most importantly, you should be aware that the Internal revenue Service (IRS) is the primary agency that collects the tax for the U.S. federal government. In a nutshell, the IRS is responsible for federal taxes. 


Did you know? The U.S. owns a multi-layered tax system, wherein taxes are charged by federal, state, or even local governments. Besides filing federal tax forms, you should file a state income tax return through a filing deadline. This is a separate mandate from federal tax returns, and failing to file it leads to heavy penalties. State tax penalties are as rigid as those charged by the IRS. Certain states such as Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming do not impose taxes. 

Let us learn more about the tax structure in the U.S.

Need for Tax Services in the U.S

Observe the transformation with the power of tax: In a world revamped by transformation, tax can drive and conserve value across the organization.

    1. Bridging Between Tax & Business Strategy: A dynamic combination of tax, technology, and business interpretations unveils the tax-advancing, value-oriented models, thus gaining your trust.
    2. Easy to Report, and Impressively Strategic: You should not consider tax compliance as a burden. The right set of people and technology results in an effective focus on the future of the business
    3. Improved Performance: Tax-related functions require efficient, synchronized tax mechanisms to enhance and transform the business
    4. Impulsive Survey Diagnosis: The tax creates new schemes with effective strategies that vary from those in the past- preserving talent, digitization and outsourcing

Types of Tax Services in the USA

The major types of taxes are:

  • Federal tax
  • State tax
  • Municipal tax

The taxes charged must be timely paid, or withheld would be calculated with the combination of these layers. All 50 states in the U.S. have different tax rates. Irrespective of the source of income, such as wages, inheritances, gifts, dividends, and profits from sales, imports, and investments are affected by the tax in the country. 


Federal tax

This section of the income tax return is the primary provider of the government’s budget, and hence is directly paid to the IRS (Interna, Revenue Service). The revenue from this tax is applied to various important causes such as Education, Relief Funds due to natural disasters, and transportation. 


State Income Tax

Certain states do not charge taxes. The tax rate differs from one state to another and is paid through a flat rate or a cumulative scale based on the form. This tax revenue is mainly used in healthcare and education. It is also used to contribute to activities such as support for the underprivileged, parks, recreational facilities, public housing, and the military. 


Municipal/Community Tax

Each community is authorized to charge a Community or a Local Tax. However, not all communities in the country have it. The revenue from this tax is utilized in maintaining public places such as streets, and libraries, as well as removing trash and clearing sewage systems

Common Procedure of Tax Service in US

At BMS, we implement the following process for tax preparation:

Step 1: Scan the documents 

The process begins with the client sending the necessary scanned documents for tax preparation. On receiving them, the concerned data is entered into the tax software by the tax experts

Step 2: Audit

Once the necessary data is entered into the software, the tax experts audit the tax returns to verify the accuracy of the information entered, to avoid wrong calculation of tax returns

Step 3: Review

After auditing and receiving confirmation from the tax experts, it is sent to the client for review. The client has the right to ask questions or leave comments in case of any issue. 

Step 4: Final Submission

After the client reviews and finalizes  the tax return, it is updated as per the client's requirements, and the updated and final copy of the tax return is sent to the client to file with the concerned authority


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BMS Auditing is a globally widespread taxation firm that offers the best and most recommended tax services in the US. We have extensive knowledge of every tax software you choose! We have the most effective tax solutions. 


Regardless of being an individual taxpayer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, BMS is here to provide endless support in every process of taxation and related issues. We make sure your business is compliant with the laws and regulations of the country, hence preventing penalty payment. Besides the individual Tax returns, our team has high expertise in Partnership Tax, Small Corporation Tax, Non-Profit, Trust & Payroll Tax returns. 


How can Tax Consultants at BMS help you?

Our tax consultants at BMS have deep knowledge and a clear understanding of what is relevant and most important to your business and the industry. A dynamic combination of strong knowledge and an experienced team collaborates with you to boost up the existing advantage!


Our tax consultants are delighted to provide you with the deep knowledge, and effective advice required to adapt to the evolving tax schemes and regulations. 

Any queries regarding tax in the U.S.? Need assistance? Reach out to BMS in the U.S.

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