Are You planning to start your business in Ajman Free Zone? You have made the right decision! Ajman Free Zone has evolved into an ideal location for trading and industrial activities such as construction, manufacturing, transport services, wholesale/retail, etc. A green and healthy economy with a lower maintenance cost has made this region a favorite destination for business setup.

Ajman Free Zone has evolved into an ideal location for trading and industrial activities such as construction, manufacturing, transport services, wholesale/retail, etc. Starting a Company in Ajman Free Zone with AFZA that has a green and healthy economy with a lower maintenance cost is the wisest decision one can make while thinking of establishing a business in UAE

This Free Zone was established and authorized as autonomous by Ajman ruler H.H. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi. Ajman Free Zone is strategically located, with the advantage of serving both western and eastern markets. The Ajman Free Zone Authority also provides warehouse facilities and smart stores to make business activities easier. These facilities help you ensure that all business requirements can be optimized under one roof!

Are You planning to start your business in Ajman Free Zone? You have made the right decision!


Advantages of Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone

As this free zone is located strategically, it becomes a major attraction for investors across the world to invest in various sectors and for the community to start their businesses. 

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Company setup in Ajman Free Zone has the following advantages:

1. Commercial Advantage

    1. Total exemption from customs duty of goods and services
    2. Foreign companies enjoy 100% ownership
    3. 100% return on capital and profits
    4. Flexible economic policies and legal structure
    5. Lesser labour cost

2. Tax Advantage

    1. Complete exemption of companies from Corporate Tax
    2. Exemption of Personal Income tax and import-export tax

3. Structural Benefits

    1. Business-friendly laws for companies
    2. Easy and cost-effective procedure to set up a business
    3. The simple and quick immigration process for workers 
    4. Single-window clearance for multiple government services such as licensing, visa services, immigration, etc.

4. Infrastructural Advantage

    1. Companies can give land on rent for 20 years, and renew for the next 20 years
    2. Abundant and cost-effective supply of energy
    3. Pre-built offices, smart offices, and warehouses to accommodate companies
    4. No unrevealed charges

5. Other Advantages

    1. No currency barriers
    2. 24-hour security service for companies
    3. Simple procedures for staffing and recruitment 
    4. Access to services such as Banks, postal, and improved communication facilities


Licenses Types in Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman Free Zone Authority owns 4 types of business licenses, issued based on the business type.

1. Commercial License

These license types provide the capability to store, import, export, and supply entertaining products across the UAE.

2. E-Commerce License

This license category is specific to companies conducting business related to electronic trading, enabling businesses to enhance the growth prospects of E-Commerce across B2B and B2C opportunities.

3. Offshore License

Offshore companies are set up in a territory different from those conducting business activities in offshore financial centers. These companies are managed by foreign institutions or individuals carrying out business activities in other countries and using tax region as a legal address of a company.

4. Industrial/Manufacture License

These licenses provide necessary manufacturing facilities for holders to fulfill multiple functions such as import of raw materials, manufacture of specific goods and export of products to other countries.

5. Service License

These licenses authorize businesses dealing with consultancy services in any industry. Choices of products vary from a business center to offices and executive offices.


Types of Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

BMS works towards catering to every business type, and they strictly follow clarity when it comes to company registration. You could be a freelancer, or a company functioning in a foreign land and seeking assistance in the UAE, we assure you the simplest setup process, incomparable services, and dedicated support.

Here are the types of businesses you can choose from:

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

With a business license under this category, you enjoy the authority of an independent corporate institution. 

  • Branch of a local company 

A free zone company with a valid license from other licensing authorities in the UAE can obtain this license.

  • Branch of a foreign company

Under this business type, licenses are provided to companies established outside the UAE. Companies enjoy 100% foreign ownership, while the sales can be conducted only through a UAE-registered agent or a distributor. 

  • Free Zone Company (FZC)

Corporate individuals forming a company obtain a license under this business type. The business activity could be service-based, industrial, or manufacturing.


Documents Required for Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

You need to collect the documents required to set up your business in the Ajman Free Zone. Let us look at them:

  • Proposed names (3 of them) for FZE and FZC)
  • Passport copy of the manager (should have at least 6 months validity)
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the sponsor (the applicant should have a valid residence in the UAE)
  • Visa copy or entry stamp (when the applicant is on a visit visa)
  • 6 or 8 colored photos with white background
  • Small business plan (for professional e-commerce license)
  • Certificate of establishment of the parent company (if it is a branch of a foreign company)
  • Copy of trade license (if it is a branch of a local company)


Company Formation Process in Ajman Free Zone

The Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone involves choosing a business activity, registering with the AFZA, obtaining licenses, and setting up an office. To start a free zone business in Ajman, you will need to set up a physical presence in the free zone, such as an office or warehouse, and comply with any other regulations or requirements that apply to your business. Here is the steps included in the process,

  1. Collect the required documents and approvals and submit them to the Ajman Free Zone Authority
  2. Apply for the registration process and the residency visa process
  3. Determine the type of entity you wish to establish- Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZC), Branch of a foreign company, and Branch of a local company
  4. Decide the name of the company and business type to obtain the respective license from the Free Zone Authority


Start a Business in Ajman Free Zone

With Ajman Free Zone being one of the most cost-effective and developed free zones in the UAE, it has been the most desired location to set up a business here! BMS Corporate has a team of expert business consultancy services that assists its clients in every step of establishing their business empire, from choosing an ideal name, collecting required documents, obtaining a license based on the business type, getting approval from the Free Zone Authority, etc. 

For further queries on business setup in Ajman Free Zone, contact BMS. 

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