Unlock competitive advantages in UAE tenders by obtaining the ICV certificate. Learn the process to obtain National In-Country Value (ICV) certification.

Discover a competitive edge in the UAE's industrial bidding landscape with the In-Country Value (ICV) certification program. Introduced by the UAE government to enhance economic growth, obtaining the ICV certificate is crucial for businesses aiming to stand out in tender assessments. Forward-thinking companies are leveraging this certification to gain a strategic advantage over competitors. As an entity operating in the Emirates, securing your ICV is a priority. Learn how adherence to guidelines and collaboration with a MoIAT-approved ICV Certifying Body-BMS Auditing can unlock opportunities for your business.

Navigating ICV Certification: A Streamlined Process

Acquiring an ICV certificate in the UAE is a straightforward process when guidelines are diligently adhered to. Exclusive authority lies with ICV Certifying Bodies for issuing the certificate. As a certified body, BMS Auditing is authorized to issue ICV Certificates in full compliance with the Ministry's requirements. Trust us to navigate the process seamlessly and ensure your ICV certification aligns perfectly with the established guidelines.

1. Obtain Audited Financial Statement

Secure audited financial statements meeting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from an approved UAE auditor. For new companies, management accounts are acceptable.

2. Request for Quote from Certifying Bodies

(a) Supplier Registration on the MoIAT Website

Complete the Registration of your company on an MoIAT website.

(b) Select ICV Certifying Body from the Bidding process:

Seek support from an ICV Certifying Body authorized by MOIAT to assess and issue ICV certificates, ensuring compliance with necessary conditions.

Detailed Process, visit: Supplier Registration on MoIAT ICV portal

3.Complete ICV Template

Fill and submit the ICV Template to the certifying body, adhering to MOIAT guidelines.

4. Evaluation Process

Once the initial procedure of ICV engagement, the application undergoes evaluation with ICV certifying bodies, verifying the ICV template and supporting documents as per MOIAT guidelines and agreed-upon procedures (AUP).

5. ICV Committee Approval

The ICV committee, operating under MOIAT, reviews and approves the application, endorsing the Certifying Body's procedures.

6. ICV Certificate Issuance

Upon successful evaluation, the Certifying Body issues the ICV Certificate, and the supplier submits it to relevant participating entities. Simplify your ICV certification journey with this streamlined process.

Streamlined Success with ICV Certification

Embark on a streamlined journey to success in UAE tenders with the In-Country Value (ICV) certification. This government-backed program is pivotal for businesses seeking a competitive edge. By prioritizing ICV certification, businesses not only stand out in tender assessments but also contribute significantly to the country's economic growth.

Unlock Success with BMS Auditing: Your ICV Partner

For a seamless ICV certification process, businesses can partner with BMS Auditing, an expert audit firm. From document preparation to thorough evaluation, BMS Auditing ensures strict adherence to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Ministry's guidelines. Elevate your business's eligibility for tenders and enhance market credibility with BMS Auditing as your trusted ICV partner. Streamline success, amplify opportunities, and contribute to the UAE's economic growth with BMS Auditing by your side.

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