We are aware of the complexities involved in growing a business and the importance of abiding by local laws and regulations. This article seeks to give you crucial insights into MISA investor expertise and to assist you in successfully navigating Saudi Arabia's business formation procedures.

Obtaining MISA License

The Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia, formerly known as SAGIA, issues an investment license to foreign companies, allowing them to operate and conduct business activities legally within the Kingdom.

Our dedicated team specializes in guiding foreign investors through the procedures involved in obtaining a MISA (Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia) investment license in Saudi Arabia. Our services encompass aiding in the application process, securing required documents, and offering continuous support throughout the licensing procedure.

For international investors, the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA/SAGIA) offers a wide range of permits. We provide up-to-date details and comprehensive prerequisites for every license.

Types of Legal Entities in Saudi Arabia

  • Limited Liability Co (LLC)
  • Limited Liability One-Person Company
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Foreign Company Branch
  • Solidarity Professional Company

5 Essential Steps for MISA License Acquisition

Step 1: Company Structure

Obtaining expert legal advice is crucial when determining your legal entity in Saudi Arabia. The right company structure selection and meticulous planning can contribute to the rapid growth of your business.

Step 2: Documentation

Fulfilling prerequisites before applying for the MISA license is essential. Our team guides you on the required documents and assists in the documentation process.

Step 3: Name Reservation

If you opt to establish a branch in Saudi Arabia, you will receive a license in Saudi Arabia under the same name as the parent company. Subsidiaries can choose a similar trade name with an appended word. Our team assists you in carefully selecting names that reflect your brand.

Step 4: Drafting the Articles of Association

We assist you in drafting the Articles of Association for your MISA-licensed company. Our operations team guides you through detailed decision-making and ensures local documentation aligns with your growth plans.

Step 5: Commercial Registration (CR) Issuance

Obtaining your Commercial Registration (CR) is a crucial step in official registration in Saudi Arabia and with MISA. After acquiring your MISA license and finalizing your Articles of Association, we proceed to issue your Commercial Registration.

Navigating Business Setup with BMS: Your Path to Success

After navigating the complex process, you now have a well-defined plan for setting up your business in Saudi Arabia. BMS's extensive offerings streamline the entire incorporation process. We would be happy to help you further with the incorporation procedure of your firm. Start your business journey with BMS auditing to guarantee compliance, reduce risk, and boost your chances of success.


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