As tax rates can differ based on the type of supply, businesses should exercise caution when evaluating how labor accommodations in UAE are classified for VAT purposes in the United Arab Emirates. Organizations must determine if the lodgings offered fall under the category of residential property or serviced lodging. To apply various VAT rates, this conclusion is required. To precisely determine the nature of the supply and assure compliance with VAT legislation, tax agents in Dubai may be consulted.


VAT Rate for Labor Accommodation in UAE

A Public Clarification (VATP003) on the VAT treatment of labor accommodations has been made available by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the United Arab Emirates. In light of this clarification, we have created a thorough guide to help businesses understand how labor accommodations are treated in terms of VAT.

Before making any decisions regarding taxes, it is advisable to speak with VAT Consultants in Dubai to get professional guidance and assistance. Businesses can assure compliance with VAT regulations and make sensible choices regarding labor accommodation by doing this.

Because the tax rates vary depending on the type of supply, tax experts in Dubai advise carefully considering this distinction. VAT on Labour Accommodations in UAE is a 0% - 5% tax imposed by the UAE government on the rental value for Labours based on the kind of accommodations.

  • A labor accommodation shall not be subject to VAT if it meets the requirements to be a residential building.
  • The VAT for labor accommodation will be 0% if a residential building utilized as a work camp is the initial supply.
  • If it is a serviced accommodation, the supply of worker accommodation will be standard VAT rates of 5%.


Criteria for Defining Labor Accommodations as Residential Properties

When a labor facility includes lodgings and satisfies the requirements listed below, the FTA classifies it as a residential building.

  • Laborers primarily live in the lodgings as their main residences.
  • The structure cannot be moved without causing damage because it is fixed to the ground permanently.
  • The appropriate legal authorities have given their approval for the building's construction or conversion.
  • The structure is not comparable to a hotel, motel, bed, and breakfast, or serviced apartment where the employer offers services in addition to providing lodging.


Services with no impact on the Residential Status of Labour Accommodation

Providers of labor accommodations frequently provide additional services in addition to the core accommodations. Residential labor accommodations will not be categorized as Serviced Accommodations if these supplemental services are not essential to the primary provision of housing and do not carry an extra charge. The following are only a few examples of additional services that may be provided:

  • Cleaning of common areas
  • Services needed for general maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Removal of waste
  • Security
  • Utilities such as electricity and gas
  • Constructing amenities such as prayer rooms, a gym, a pool, and laundry facilities


Services that Signifies the Supply of Serviced Accommodation

Subject to a VAT rate of 5%, the provision of particular services can convert a residential accommodation into Serviced Accommodation. Tax experts in Dubai can help in determining the Serviced Accommodations' VAT liabilities. The following are a few examples of the services that signify the supply of serviced  accommodation:

  • Access to the telephone and the internet
  • Services for cleaning rooms in addition to only cleaning common areas
  • Services for laundry, such as routine bed linen changes
  • Services beyond those required for basic property maintenance


Mixed V/s Composite Supplies

Differentiating between single composite supplies and mixed supplies with clear-cut parts is crucial for labor accommodation providers. A supply that only consists of serviced or residential accommodations is referred to as a single composite supply. A mixed supply, on the other hand, includes the provision of both types of accommodation.

For a single composite supply, the VAT treatment that applies to the principal component determines the overall consideration for the supply. In short, the VAT treatment will be determined by whether the accommodation is primarily residential or serviced.

When dealing with a mixed supply, it is required to evaluate each component independently and apply the proper VAT treatment to each component. To ensure compliance with the regulations, this entails assessing each component of the supply and applying the proper VAT treatment.

It is recommended to get in touch with VAT consultants in Dubai to accurately evaluate the VAT treatment for single composite or mixed supplies of labor accommodations. They can offer specialized guidance for navigating the complexities and guaranteeing correct VAT treatment for various types of supplies.

For more info, Download the VAT publication by FTA directly by clicking here

VAT Publication PDF


VAT Services in UAE

When companies offer accommodation for employees, it's crucial to determine if the supply comes under residential or Serviced Accommodation. They must also determine if the supply falls under the category of a mixed supply or a single composite supply. These decisions can be complicated, so consulting with an FTA-approved tax agent in Dubai, like BMS, is strongly advised.

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