Our VAT consultants in Dubai are well-versed in all types of Taxation and VAT services like VAT registration, VAT return filing, VAT Refund, etc. BMS Auditing will ensure that all the functions of your business are in line with the laws of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). 


VAT was introduced in the UAE in January 2018 @ 5% on goods and services. VAT is imposed on most goods and services at 5%, however specific goods and services are classified as zero-rate and exempt-rate goods. Implementing VAT in the UAE had an impact on the compliance check. 

VAT Consultants in Dubai

Businesses must be aligned to ensure error-free, updated accounts, bookkeeping records, and organized tax-related documents. The VAT-related formalities are complex and hence ensuring compliance consumes a lot of time. 


To save time and be more compliant with VAT, it is always ideal to seek advice or help from VAT experts or consultants. Hence, companies outsource their VAT process to any one of the top VAT Consultancy services in Dubai, UAE.


As you may know, VAT is a complex approach to taxation, as the business collects taxes on behalf of the government, and hence avoid misstatement and tax avoidance. With VAT, the government can enhance the infrastructure and entertainment areas for the people to live a great life! 


Are you running a startup or an established business in the UAE? Then, you must be registered with the VAT department. Dubai has the best VAT consultants and consulting firms who are highly experienced in all aspects, from registration to making payments at regular intervals- every month!!! 


Choosing BMS Auditing for VAT Services:

BMS Auditing Dubai is one of the leading companies in Dubai with highly experienced VAT consultants who assist you and advise you with all aspects of VAT, and make sure your business is compliant with the FTA laws and regulations. BMS’s VAT consulting services team in Dubai walks you through the entire process of VAT registration in a professional manner. The team is dedicated to providing high-quality VAT services. 


Consulting with BMS has its own benefits. Here are some key advantages of our VAT consultants:

  • Reviewing and Analyzing efficiently: At BMS, your business contracts and the client's business documents are deeply reviewed and analyzed for better error-free taxation so the VAT reports are filed smoothly and on time.
  • Training & Resources: Ensuring your employees are trained well on the norms of VAT taxation and the VAT filing process. Moreover, we also ensure access to the relevant resources and technology to meet the requirements of VAT preparation and taxation.
  • Compliance and filing in VAT:  BMS team clarifies your doubts and queries regarding VAT, and helps you follow the VAT norms along with the VAT filing process.


If you have consulted BMS regarding VAT, you are in safe hands. Our professional VAT consultants are extensively professional and reliable, with years of experience in VAT. Hence, your business will be compliant with VAT laws and regulations. 


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