Our fully equipped team of VAT consultants in Dubai is providing reliable VAT consultancy services in UAE to ensure full VAT compliance as per FTA laws. BMS offers a skilled staff of VAT consultants that have relevant expertise in VAT accounting, VAT filing, VAT refunds, and all other VAT rules and regulations in the UAE.

VAT in UAE has been implemented since January 1, 2018, and the VAT registration has been opened on October 1, 2017. VAT in UAE will cause a paradigm shift in the business dynamics of the country. The challenge for the business community will be to understand the VAT law and get your business ready before the implementation of VAT.


VAT consultants have been assisting businesses to comply with the VAT regulations in the UAE. VAT consultants help business owners with efficient tax planning which will help entrepreneurs to control the tax outflow, and manage working capital. VAT consultants can guide businesses mainly through VAT Advisory services and VAT Compliance services.


VAT Consultants UAE

Regarding VAT implementation and VAT law in UAE, BMS is offering reliable VAT consultancy services in Dubai. The purpose of the VAT consultancy is to bring all the businesses as per the laws and guidelines and ensure FTA compliance.

A professional VAT consultancy from experienced and professional tax experts in UAE will help you to avoid heavy VAT fines and penalties. BMS experts are the best VAT consultants in Dubai and they are providing authentic and accurate advice on every tiny critical issue about VAT in UAE and offering the best VAT consultancy services in Dubai.

Need for VAT Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Since VAT is a novel concept in the area, companies will need the assistance of experienced and competent tax consultants to ensure compliance with the regulations in the early phases of its development. Many businesses are unaware of the need for VAT registration, as well as the laws and regulations governing VAT calculation and payment. To abide by the tax laws, and regulations and prevent your business from facing UAE VAT fines and penalties, you do need the help of skillful VAT consultants in Dubai.  

If you outsource your VAT services to the best VAT Consultancy services, you will get the following advantages,

A competent VAT consultant's long-term knowledge and competence will guarantee that the VAT return is error-free, saving you time and money.

VAT consultants take additional precautions to guarantee data correctness. They use innovative technology and hand assessments to cross-check the VAT data.

Better understanding
The greatest VAT expert is knowledgeable about everything connected to VAT. As a beginning, this information will assist you in understanding different VAT rates, calculating the amount, and paying on time.

Lessen the risk.
A skilled VAT specialist has more industry expertise to address all types of company hazards. He can advise you on how to minimize the possible dangers linked with VAT.

Enable simple VAT registration and VAT filing.
Because VAT registration is required for enterprises that exceed the threshold limit, VAT consultants can give clear information on the VAT registration and VAT filing processes.

Saves your Time
A skilled VAT specialist may save you time that would otherwise be spent on the investigation, valuation, and risk assessment for the firm.

Record maintenance done right
A VAT specialist can assist you in preparing files and maintaining necessary records to ensure that you are ready for a VAT audit. They can also give competent financial guidance.


VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai

Our VAT experts will help you with the following factors:

  1. Understand the needs of a client’s business.
  2. Estimate the impact of VAT on the client’s business.
  3. Pre and Post impact of VAT in the processes of a business.
  4. VAT issues and interests.
  5. Refunds of VAT for a business.
  6. Analysis of the positive and negative impact of VAT on business.
  7. How to cover all the elements and aspects of VAT.
  8. Providing the most accurate and updated information about VAT law and VAT regulations for timely and quality decision-making.
  9. Tax experts will advise you on a comprehensive action plan to take control of VAT.
  10. Our VAT consultants will answer all your questions and queries regarding VAT in UAE.
  11. VAT health check and VAT assurance.


BMS Auditing VAT Consultants

Our VAT Consultants in Dubai will perform the VAT impact assessment and structure your business in the most effective and efficient manner with regard to the registration of VAT and filing of VAT returns, in accordance with Federal Tax Authority (FTA) requirements.

VAT services offered by our VAT Consultants

BMS Auditing Dubai has one of the finest VAT Consultants in UAE. We handle all aspects of VAT and provide the finest VAT services in the UAE. 

Our VAT services include:


BMS Auditing will take care of all the issues of VAT and provide you advice in light of the latest changes in the VAT laws and VAT rules.

Our team of tax experts is equipped with local experience in VAT accounting, VAT filing, VAT refunds, and all the other laws and regulations related to VAT in UAE.


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