Having attested documents in UAE is a must for any individual be it on their personal or commercial documents and certificates. The government organization called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation or MOFA attestation in UAE is responsible for approving documents from the person's nation of origin. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation (MOFA Dubai) services serve as the final arbiter in the United Arab Emirates for certificate verification.


Purpose of MOFA Attestation in UAE

The document can be used for all official purposes in the UAE once it has the MOFA seal stamped on it. The process of having documents verified by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs is referred to as MOFA Attestation Services.

This is an essential step in the legalization process for documents used abroad. The document or certificate will be authenticated by MOFA in UAE and confirmed by the issuing government.

It is necessary for numerous purposes, including getting a visa, going to college, getting a job, and more. The MOFA Attestation procedure has a number of steps and requirements, and it can take a while.

To guarantee a hassle-free and timely completion of the procedure, it is suggested to use the services of a reputable and qualified attestation service provider like BMS Auditing.


Eligibility for MOFA Attestation in UAE

Firstly, who can apply for MOFA Attestation in UAE?

  • Tourists
  • Citizens
  • Companies
  • Students
  • Investors
  • Residents

and anyone from inside or outside the UAE can attest their documents from MOFA for official purposes in the country.

There are different conditions to be met based on the issuance of a document that needs to be attested. If your document is issued inside the UAE, certain conditions to be met whereas if your document is issued outside the UAE, it requires different criteria.


If your Documents Issued outside the UAE

1. The documents can be attested by the UAE Embassy, the Consulate of the nation that issued them, or a foreign mission. The application is submitted using the MoFAIC online platforms.

2. Documents must be verified within the UAE by submitting an online attestation request.

3. The original document must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Dubai)of the concerned country. 


If your Documents Issued Inside the UAE

1. The documents can then be verified by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your native country or the place of issue.

2. Original documents must be attested by the appropriate authorities. In the case of digital documents, the documents can be electronically validated.

3. You must provide only original documents. Photocopies and laminated documents will not be accepted by the MoFA (Dubai).

If your Documents Issued inside the UAE


The MOFA Attestation in UAE will cost AED150 for each document, whereas for commercial documents, it will cost AED2000 each despite of where it is issued.


Documents that require MOFA Attestation in UAE

The types of documents that require MOFA Attestation for official purposes in the UAE are

  1. Marriage certificates
  2. Divorce contracts
  3. Powers of attorney
  4. Educational certificates
  5. Commercial contracts and invoices
  6. Personal tax certificates
  7. Birth and death certificates
  8. Medical certificates
  9. Bank statements


BMS Auditing offers attestation services for all certificates and documents in the UAE including getting your document attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE. We also provide to assist your business activities in the country. We are an approved and recognized attestation service provider by MOFA Dubai attestation and can offer a quick and streamlined solution for your document attestation in the UAE.


Benefits of MOFA Attestation Services

By acquiring MOFA Attestation in UAE, you can confident that your paperwork is more than just pieces of writing but bear the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Dubai )seal of legitimacy and credibility, which offers a critical level of security for official uses across UAE.

  • Processing visas: MOFA Attestation Services are required in order to acquire visas for a variety of reasons, including employment, education, and more. Ensuring all necessary documents are duly attested speeds up the visa application process.
  • Opportunities for education: MOFA Attestation Services are necessary for seeking educational opportunities abroad. It guarantees the validity of educational certificates, enabling applicants to pursue college and scholarship programs.
  • Global acceptance: These attested documents by MOFA Attestation Services is acknowledged not just in UAE but on a global scale in many different nations. This acknowledgment boosts the documents' value and aids in averting legal and administrative problems.
  • Legal conformity: MOFA Attestation Services makes sure that the document is in accordance with the laws of the nation in which it will be used. It offers a degree of assurance that the records adhere to the necessary legal requirements and regulations.
  • Possibilities for employment: Getting MOFA Attestation Services is essential for finding work abroad. It certifies the validity of the employment-related documents, granting them the ability to be used in the hiring procedure.
  • Professional legitimacy: Your professional credibility is improved by MOFA Attestation Services for both people and organizations. It demonstrates that they have adhered to the correct legal and administrative processes, giving their documents and their image more credibility.
  • Prospects for business: MOFA Attestation Services Dubai are necessary for pursuing chances for business abroad. It aids in building trust and reliability with clients, investors, and business partners, allowing companies to grow internationally.


MOFA Attestation Process in UAE

There is a particular procedure that must be followed in order to obtain MOFA Attestation for the UAE.

Initially, All original documents have to be pre-attested by the appropriate government agencies in the country where they were issued, and then they must be attested by the UAE Embassy there. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Dubai) then verifies the documents' legal validity after this pre-attestation is finished.

1. Go to the MOFAIC online portal, and select your login type, individual, or company. (You can use or create smart pass account to log in)

2.  After login, Fill in the form and attach the required documentation to be attested.

3. Choose the right authority from which you require attestation

4. The application will be reviewed by the concerned authority and approval will be sent with the payment process

5.  You can go to the "My Task" option in the portal, complete the payment and get it attested


During the attestation, the MOFA seal and signature are imprinted, which is necessary for the document to be accepted for a variety of purposes, such as applying for a family visa. The MOFA Attestation Abu Dhabi procedure ensures the document's legitimacy and authenticity by following these steps, which are essential for their acceptance and use in other nations.


Those who are within the country will get their document couriered to your address. However, ex-pats and foreigners who applied through UAE Embassy/Mission should visit any one of the centers directly to receive your documents.

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Dubai in the Consulates neighborhood, Bur Dubai.
  2. Al Tawar Center, Al Twar 2, Dubai
  3. Yas Tasheel Center, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
  4. Emirates Towers, Dubai
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Office, Al Dafeen area 


It is crucial to remember that serious legal repercussions could occur if MOFA attestation Dubai officials determine the document is a forgery. The punishment for such illegal activities can be harsh because the UAE is renowned for its strict adherence to the law. Therefore, it's crucial to confirm that all of your documents are real and have undergone the appropriate attestations from expert Attestation services like BMS Auditing.


BMS Auditing- MOFA Attestation Services in UAE

BMS Auditing offers Certificate and Document Attestation Services in UAE which is a reputable and market-leading organization with years of experience that offers attestation solutions for customers from all over the world.

Our crew of committed experts is committed to offering you the most trustworthy and effective attestation services, managing all the time-consuming paperwork so you can concentrate on what's crucial—your time and money.

We take great pride in our depth of knowledge and skill in the field of document attestation ranging from Certificate attestation of different types like Educational certificate attestation, Non-educational certificate attestation, and Commercial certificate attestation to documents like passports, visas, etc.

We employ a standard procedure that entails listening to our clients, comprehending their problems, addressing them, and offering thorough and useful solutions.

Get in touch with our expert team by dialing our local Dubai hotline at +971 52 940 2047 or our Abu Dhabi number at +971 52 997 4124.



1. Can I get my documents attested without being in UAE?

Yes, you can get your documents attested without being in UAE by using the services of a registered attestation agency or through the online portal of the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai). However, you will need to send the original documents to the agency or MOFA office.

2. What is the difference between MOFA attestation and embassy attestation?

MOFA attestation is the certifying of documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Dubai) of the country while embassy attestation is done by the embassy where the document was issued. Embassy attestation may be required before the document can be attested by MOFA.

3. Does both Embassy and MOFA attestation in UAE required?

It depends on the requirements of the organization or institution that is requesting the documents. Some organizations may accept embassy attestation alone, while others may require additional MOFA attestation. It is advisable to check with the organization or institution for their specific requirements.

4. Can I get my degree certificate from an unaccredited institution attested by MOFA?

No, MOFA attestation is generally not provided for degree certificates obtained from unaccredited institutions. The attestation process typically requires verification of the authenticity of the educational institution and its accreditation status.

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