Government of UAE has published a VAT refund scheme which facilitates businesses/ business visitors to claim VAT paid on the purchase of goods and services subjected in UAE. A non-government foreign business can get refund on VAT paid in UAE by submitting the refund request for business visitors as Federal Tax Authority prescribed. This article will clarify the procedures and documents required to obtain VAT Refund for Foreign Business Visitors

Procedure to Refund VAT for Business Visitors in UAE.

  1. Sign Up with the FTA portal.
  2. Give company details in the registered mail id portal.
  3. Submit the refund form.
  4. All documents should be sent to The Federal Tax Authority and the document should reach within one month from refund request submission.
  5. The refund form will be processed within 4 months.
  6. If the request is approved refund is expected to issue within 10 working days.

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Documents required to submit for a Refund of Business Visitors in the UAE?

  1. Tax registration certificate of the respective country.
  2. Proof of incorporation in the respective country of establishment.
  3. Bank Account details.
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Proof of authority of the authorized signatory.
  6. Original Tax invoices with proof of payment.
  7. Original Tax Invoices is needed for refund application, no simplified Tax Invoices are eligible to claim input tax.

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