We assist you in preparing a progressive Sales Audit report for your business at the Dubai Mall and other UAE malls to submit your yearly financial report. Sales audit for Dubai Mall is mandatory by Emaar. BMS Auditing is an approved audit firm by Dubai Mall and Emaar. A Sales audit helps the mall management to get an accurate financial picture of the business in the malls. 

Every shopping mall in Dubai has various retail businesses as tenants who have to conduct a specific audit form called the Sales Audit. The retail businesses conduct the sales audit and present the audited statements by acclaimed auditors in the UAE to the administrators of the shopping malls. 

Sales Audit is inevitable on an annual basis for the retail businesses managed in The Dubai Mall, and hence, you need to appoint experienced auditors from the leading audit firms in Dubai to get the best sales audit services

We assist you in preparing a progressive Sales Audit report for your business at the Dubai Mall and other UAE malls to submit your yearly financial report. BMS Auditing is one of the Top Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE! 

Purpose of Sales Audit for Dubai Mall

Most malls in Dubai, UAE, have mandated the submission of Sales Audits by the retail tenants as declared in the Lease Agreement. The Sales Audit is the total sales generated by the retail businesses in the malls during the financial term.

The auditor conducts the sales audit and presents the audit report after verification of the revenue generated in that period. It is highly recommended that you hire the best audit firms in Dubai that are experienced in conducting Sales Audits. 

Benefits of Sales Audit for Dubai Mall

A sales audit enables the mall administration to obtain a precise financial picture of the businesses in the Dubai Mall and the malls in Dubai, UAE. It directs them to the right path to proceed since the auditors provide effective knowledge and ideal suggestions in the audit report. 

Here are the key benefits of Sales Audit:

  • Provides a review of the sales collection process and detects control loopholes
  • Enables the mall administration to ensure compliance with the lease agreement 
  • Retail Auditors assures the reported gross sales 

Documents required for Sales Audit

During a Sales Audit, the auditors request a set of documents, that are analyzed, compared, and reviewed. Here are some of the most important documents required for a sales audit:

  • Monthly Sales Report from observations in Sales
  • Bank Statement comprising the Credit of Sales Revenue
  • Bank statement comprising the Cash Sales deposits 
  • Trade License

Approved Audit Firm by Dubai Mall

BMS Auditing UAE is the most recommended audit firm when it comes to Sales Audit for The Dubai Mall. We help you with the preparation of the Sales Audit Report and audited financial statements to be submitted to the administration of the mall. Being an acclaimed audit firm by the Dubai Mall, the BMS team is reliable and highly qualified with expertise in all aspects of auditing. 

Call BMS Auditing Dubai for assistance in the Sales Audit for Dubai Mall in the UAE. 

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