The DMCC Free Zone has the authority to manage a database that guarantees prompt and complete wage payments in the private sector owing to the Central Bank of the UAE's Wage Protection System (WPS). This article discusses how registered DMCC Free Zone businesses can easily register workers for salary transfers while maintaining Authority compliance.

Key Points

  • Mandatory Registration: All DMCC employers must register employees, whether they have a bank account ('banked') or not ('unbanked'), with a Bank or Exchange House, including those with active/expired visas or Permanent Identity Cards (PIC).
  • Shareholder Exemption: Shareholders are exempt from registration; they can claim dues via Workplace Mediation with the DMCC Disputes Centre, obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for legal action.
  • New Employee Registration: Employers must register new employees for salary transfer immediately after Company Employment Card (CEC) or Permanent Identity Card (PIC) issuance.
  • Currency and Charges: Salary payments are in AED; Banks/Exchange Houses may charge employers for Wages Protection System (WPS) processing, negotiable with the service provider. Charges cannot be deducted from employee wages.
  • Authorized Registration: Employee registration must be done with Banks/Exchange Houses authorized by the Central Bank of the UAE.

Steps for WPS Salary Transfer Registration:

Step 1: Employee Identification

Identify employees with or without a bank account.

Step 2: Salary Report Creation

  1. Log in to the DMCC Member Portal.
  2. Access "My Reports" and choose "WPS Salary Report – Current Month" (covering Employee and Employer ID).
  3. Download the report, and input:
    1. IBAN for employees with a registered UAE bank account.
    2. Agent ID for employees without a registered UAE bank account.
    3. Optional: Variable income (e.g., bonus) and annual leave days.
  4. Save the final report.

Step 3: Salary File Request


  1. Bank (for employees with a UAE bank account).
  2. Exchange House (for employees without a UAE bank account).

Step 4: File Creation

The Bank/Exchange House will generate the salary file(s).

Upon completion, no further updates or document uploads are required in the DMCC Member Portal. Monthly salary transfers are monitored by DMCC to identify any delays.

Registering Shareholder Salary Transfer via WPS:

Registration for WPS salary transfer is not required of shareholders. Nevertheless, if you would like to be manually added to WPS as a shareholder with a CEC or PIC, take the following actions:

  • Enter the DMCC Help Center login.
  • Go to the "Disputes Centre" and select the "Wages Protection System (WPS)".
  • Choose the article "How can I register a shareholder in the Wages Protection System (WPS)?"
  • Click “Create Case”.
  • Complete the fields with the full name of the shareholder(s) as mentioned on the passport. Click "Submit."
  • The request is processed by DMCC, which adds the shareholder(s) to WPS.
  • Receive notification via the same case once it has been processed.

Note that After adding shareholders to WPS, they should first generate their employee IDs and add them to the "WPS Salary Report - Current Month" before heading to the bank or exchange house.

To create an Employee ID:

Use format: DMCC + 000 + PIC/CEC number.

Make sure there are 14 digits on the employee ID. If there are fewer or more digits than 14, add or remove zeros following "DMCC".

DMCC0001234567 is an example of an employee ID with the CEC/PIC number 1234567.

Navigating DMCC Free Zone's Wage Protection System with BMS Support

To guarantee smooth salary transfers and compliance, it is essential to navigate the complexities of the Wage Protection System (WPS) in the DMCC Free Zone. The requirements for employee registration, shareholder exemptions, and the related charges and currencies are highlighted in this overview. BMS provides all-inclusive support, streamlining the WPS procedure and guaranteeing compliance with rules for DMCC enterprises in need of professional help. Streamlining wage-related tasks becomes more accessible with BMS's dedicated services in the DMCC approved audit in Free Zone.

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