BMS Auditing is one of the approved auditors in UAE banks such as RAKBANK, UAE Central Bank, ADCB and ADIB. It is one of the best bank-listed auditors in Dubai. BMS Auditing also possesses both DMCC and EMAAR approved auditors who deliver top-notch auditing and accounting services for companies all over the UAE. 


Why auditors must be approved by banks in Dubai? Auditors in Dubai should provide the most professional auditing services in the UAE. Financial Auditing is inevitable for most registered companies in the UAE. Hence, companies believe auditors who are approved by the banks in Dubai for more professional and precise financial audits. BMS Auditing is one of the best audit firms in Dubai that has auditors approved by the prominent banks of the UAE. EmiratesCA is one of the top listed auditors in the UAE approved by the Banks. One of the reasons to have an auditor is to avail of credit facilities from the bank. 


Banks keep a record of approved auditors and would have an internal process to rank them into various categories. This ranking is processed in most banks as the list is shared among all the Banks in the UAE. Let us look into the approved auditors by various Banks.

list of banks approved BMS Auditors

RAK Bank Approved Auditors in the UAE


RAK authorities are particular about providing auditing certificates to the audit firms operating in the RAK region. These auditors help companies to maintain their financial statements based on international accounting standards. 


One of the audit firms approved by the RAK Bank is BMS Auditing, which provides a wide range of exceptional auditing services and the most valuable financial and auditing advice for business growth. 


If you have chosen a RAK Bank-approved auditor for your company, enjoy these benefits:

  • Cost-effective and efficient solutions 
  • Seamless and transparent transactions 
  • Customized solutions based on business operations
  • Clearly understand the business trends to make sensible and informed decisions


Join hands with BMS, and you would get the compliance and certification for your business. Being one of the RAK approved auditors, we promise to provide incomparable services and unmatched integrity. 


ADIB Approved Auditors in the UAE

BMS Auditing is one of the top-rated auditors approved by ADIB, that provides quality auditing services at an affordable and cost-effective fee structure. Audit firms approved by ADIB play a significant role in supporting the companies with the most efficient audit services. 


Advantages of Choosing ADIB approved Audit firms:

  • Complying with the regulatory laws 
  • Following the financial regulations by the Federal Tax Authority
  • Reviewing and analyzing the accounting, bookkeeping, and financial statements
  • Professionally advising on the proper conduct of business
  • Strategically planning on finance
  • Identifying and managing financial risk


BMS is one of the audit firms approved by ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) which promises a high level of professionalism and hence gives the most effective auditing advice to their clients. With one of the best auditing teams in the country, BMS makes unique contributions to its clients. The expert finance team at BMS enables business growth by handling tax and other financial concerns. 


BMS has the best auditing team providing high-quality auditing services. Forget your worries when BMS is with you! 


ADCB Approved Auditors in the UAE


BMS is one of the top audit firms approved by ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank). We help you with the updated audit reports when you apply for loans from ADCB. Our audit team provides on-time quality services on any issues related to audit and assurance. 

BMS serves you with professionalism and dedication. Need guidance? We are here!


Central Bank of UAE Approved Auditors in the UAE


Auditors in the UAE play a vital role in delivering values to the clients, and crucial insights to enhance the business performance. Auditing is necessary for every business to understand the industry, geographic location, and political and economical changes in the policy.  

BMS is one of the best audit firms approved by the Central Bank of the UAE. Our processes are based on compliance standards. We provide assistance and audit services by understanding your business, industry, and various approaches followed. We customize our services based on the operations and reporting requirements of your business. We cover all the industries and service sectors to focus on the crucial areas of risk, internal control, and most importantly the possible fraudulent areas. 


Being approved by the Central Bank of UAE, we keep up the quality of our services and maintain extensive professionalism so we could give the best services to our clients. 


Arab Bank Approved Auditors in the UAE


Being one of the best audit firms approved by Arab Bank, BMS aims at maintaining accuracy in financial accounts with the help of professional auditors in Dubai. The audit firms approved by the Arab Bank provide valuable advice and information to all the stakeholders of the company. We use the latest tools and technologies to help our clients in the process of auditing. 


Utilize the quality services provided by BMS for dynamic developments in the business and enhanced financial security with the experts and professional auditing team. 

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