A VAT health check in the UAE is an assessment of a company's compliance with the VAT regulations, which ensures that businesses are not deviating from proper VAT procedures, including transactions, liabilities, and filing. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) assumes responsibility for VAT compliance in the UAE.

It can also check that all procedures, systems, and documents comply with VAT regulations. The objective is to identify areas where the company may improve and to present a report with recommendations for becoming more compliant. This assists companies in avoiding fines and penalties by correcting errors before a formal audit.


Need for VAT Health Check in UAE

In the UAE, VAT (Value-Added Tax) is a relatively new concept. 2018 witnessed the UAE enact a 5% tax on the majority of goods and services. However, if specific requirements are met, some items are exempt from this tax. Businesses that had sales of AED 375,000 or more in the previous year or who anticipate doing so in the coming 30 days must register for VAT. 

Smaller companies can register voluntarily if they earn AED 187,500 or less annually. Businesses in the UAE are required to abide by VAT regulations to reduce fines and enhance operations. They can achieve this with the aid of a VAT health check.

To prevent penalties and fines for late payments, it is essential to understand VAT regulations and procedures in the UAE. A VAT health check carefully reviews a business's VAT processes to make sure all transactions and rules are followed. Operations are streamlined, and precise records are kept. Having a VAT health check performed by professionals gives firms up-to-date information on tax changes and a useful understanding of UAE VAT.

BMS Auditing is a leading FTA-approved VAT Agency to provide a comprehensive VAT Health Check in UAE for businesses with the top VAT consultants in UAE.

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Significance of VAT Health Check in UAE

The assessment of a company's compliance with the Federal Tax Authority's (FTA) VAT requirements constitutes a VAT health check in the UAE. It makes sure that companies are carrying out all VAT-related activities, liabilities, and filings by the right processes. The registration, filing, invoicing, and record-keeping requirements of the FTA VAT regulations must be complied with. A VAT health check can have several benefits for businesses. Let's examine some of these benefits.


1. Avoiding fines and penalties

Businesses must be informed to avoid being fined or penalized for failing to adhere to UAE VAT regulations. An AED 5,000 fine, for example, might be incurred for failing to show prices that include VAT. Penalties for late VAT submissions might reach 300% of the debt. Companies can identify potential rule violations and take steps to fix them to prevent fines by conducting a VAT health check.


2. Maintain VAT records and streamline the Process:

A VAT health check provides advantages beyond avoiding fines. It aids companies in determining where their VAT records, systems, and processes need improvement. Businesses can save time and concentrate on crucial areas of their operations by implementing the recommendations. Streamlining processes is beneficial for reaching long-term company objectives.


3. Know About VAT Regulations

Businesses can learn more about VAT regulations and processes by collaborating with a team of specialists. This includes being aware of the documentation, filing, and submission procedures. With this information, the business might not require a VAT health check each year, saving money and lowering fines or penalties.

However, it is still advised to perform routine health checks to stay informed about industry changes and maintain your level of competence. Therefore, it is advised to perform VAT health checks at regular intervals.


VAT Health Check in UAE Procedure

  1. Evaluation of business operations and examination of systems and controls
  2. Administrative compliance review for authorized signatory information and the revised FTA portal
  3. The timely submission of VAT returns is confirmed
  4. VAT Transaction check to determine their exact taxability by UAE VAT law
  5. Addressing inconsistencies and ensuring accuracy in revenue reconciliation
  6. Examining documentation procedures and preserving sufficient supporting documentation
  7. Checking the accuracy of tax bills that have been issued and received
  8. keeping track of import/export documents to ensure proper tax treatment


Is VAT Health Check mandatory in UAE?

Conducting VAT health checks in the UAE is strongly encouraged to make sure VAT regulations are being followed, even if it is not mandatory. This is comparable to people getting regular health checks to make sure they're in good condition. Businesses can assess the success of their tax compliance plan by hiring tax agents in Dubai for a tax health check. It gives them reassurance that they are conducting their business legally and in conformity with VAT requirements.


VAT Services in UAE

With a team of skilled tax consultants in UAE, BMS Auditing provides a range of VAT services, including

Free consultations are available, and our professionals are prepared to help. Our team of qualified VAT experts will offer thorough guidance to make sure your business achieves complete VAT compliance following the laws and guidelines established by the FTA. Our specialists will assess your company's performance after completing a VAT health check based on successful and unsuccessful assessments.

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