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VAT in KSA - VAT was introduced in July 2020 for the benefit of the country's economy. As per the VAT Rate of Saudi Arabia, the payable Value Added Tax starts at 5%, then it is updated to 15% on all goods and services. However, goods exported outside GCC, products under customs duty, services delivered to customers outside the territory, international transportation of goods and services, medicines & medical equipment, valuable metals for investment, etc. are charged 0% VAT in Saudi Arabia. 

This session covers the VAT services provided in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).


Types of VAT Services in KSA

BMS Auditing in KSA is a pioneer in VAT consulting, with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team who assists you with all the aspects concerning VAT. BMS provides quality services for VAT in KSA wherein you are updated on changes in regulations so you stay compliant with the rules declared by ZAKAT. 


At BMS, we provide the following services:


VAT Registration in KSA

If your business is yet to register for VAT under ZAKAT, you need to calculate the taxable amount at the end of every month for 12 months to evaluate the eligibility for registration. At BMS, we assist through the complete VAT Registration process in Saudi Arabia to avoid risks of missing necessary documentation and prevent fines or penalties.


VAT Return Filing in KSA

In KSA, you can file VAT Returns through the ZATCA (Zakat Tax & Customs Authority) portal. Being a taxpayer, you must present the VAT Return online under the VAT regulations of Zakat. At BMS in KSA, Our VAT Return Filing Services help you file the VAT Returns through the corresponding online portal. 


VAT Refund

In KSA, refunds are requested quarterly with a single annual claim of 1000 Saudi Riyals. BMS Team in KSA assists you with claiming a VAT Refund. 


VAT Accounting

VAT Accounts is the current tax balance with the Saudi Arabian General Authority of Zakat & Income Tax. Every VAT account depicts the tax debit, and credit payments- done and due. BMS Auditing assists you with maintaining accurate details for VAT in the Accounting process in Saudi Arabia. 


VAT Audit

To commence a VAT Audit in KSA, you need to submit the records on VAT calculations, and the documents corresponding to the VAT Returns, invoices, and similar transitions. BMS Auditing provides the most efficient VAT Audit services and audit support in Saudi Arabia. 


VAT Health Check

Right before the implementation of VAT, a Company is obliged to conduct VAT Health Check/impact assessment. It helps to pinpoint the risk levels, walk through the controls for business operations and other suggestions to address the defects of the company. BMS provides comprehensive VAT Health Check services in KSA, which include a review of the business's VAT processes.


VAT Consultancy

Customers ranging from public corporates to family businesses seek VAT consulting from experts. BMS has professionals and an experienced team who provide effective advice on tax structures, and direct and indirect tax potential across GCC. 


VAT De-Registration

VAT De-Registration in KSA is done through an e-service portal from Zakat and the Tax & Customs Authority. BMS Auditing is the best service provider in the case of the de-registration process for VAT in Saudi Arabia. 


Why BMS for VAT Services in Saudi Arabia?

At BMS Auditing, we assist you in establishing your business with effective accounting methodologies and suitable technologies at minimum costs. With significant expertise in VAT concepts, you can always rely on us for assistance. 


For queries related to VAT concepts and compliance, call BMS Auditing KSA or visit our office in KSA. 

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