In the dynamic and ever-changing realm of industry standards, Goods Manufacturers are encountering a more thorough and nuanced evaluation process. This evaluation extends beyond the conventional factors of Manufacturing Cost and Investment, indicating a significant departure from the traditional metrics used to assess manufacturing capabilities. The introduction of an Advanced Technology and Sustainability Bonus represents a clear and deliberate move toward recognizing and incentivizing two critical aspects: innovation and environmentally conscious practices.

The introduction of these bonuses signals broader recognition within the industry. It acknowledges that the success of Goods Manufacturers is intertwined with their ability to innovate and their responsibility towards environmental sustainability. This shift in evaluation criteria encourages manufacturers to adopt practices that align with contemporary societal values, fostering a manufacturing landscape that is both forward-thinking and environmentally responsible.

Procedures for Bonus Qualification:

The introduction of the Advanced Technology and Sustainability Bonus signifies a strategic shift towards recognizing and rewarding innovation and environmentally conscious practices. To unlock these bonuses and elevate your ICV score, Goods Manufacturers are encouraged to adhere to a set of clear and straightforward procedures.

  • Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI)

Process to verify ITTI Assessment Score and Advanced Technology Bonus:


  • Ensure to have Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI) assessment report.
  • Submit the report to the MoIAT for score confirmation through ICV Certifying Body.
  • Ensure that the entity details in the report match those requesting certification by reviewing the name, location, and license number.
  • Ensure that the report must be valid on the date of ICV certificate issuance.

Required Documents:

  • ITTI assessment report.
  • A Confirmation email from the MoIAT ICV Team. [Confirmation through ICV Certifying Body]


The bonus is granted based on the latest scoring mechanism announced by MoIAT. [Bonus Up to 5% based on slab of ITTI score]

  • ISO Environmental Standards Certification and Green Industries Labelling

ISO 14001/14046/50001 Certification or Green Industries Labelling:

  • Ensure documents confirming ISO 14001, ISO 14046, or ISO 50001 certification by an approved UAE certifier.
  • Ensure the ISO certificate is valid during the financial year of the ICV certificate.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of ISO Certification (1 sample).


  • Obtain documents confirming the entity's Green Industries Labelling from the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi.
  • Ensure the labelling certificate remains valid during the financial year of ICV certificate issuance.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of Green Industries Labelling Certificate (1 sample).


If any of the above requirements are fulfilled, a bonus of 1% will be added to the Sustainability Bonus.


By adhering to these procedures and furnishing the necessary documents, Goods Manufacturers stand to qualify for the Advanced Technology and Sustainability Bonus. This not only contributes to a higher ICV score but also reflects a tangible commitment to technological advancement and sustainable business practices. Keep it simple, follow the steps, and reap the rewards of industry recognition.

Forging a Path to Progressive Manufacturing Excellence

The introduction of the Advanced Technology and Sustainability Bonus signifies a transformative shift in evaluating Goods Manufacturers, moving beyond traditional metrics. Emphasizing ITTI Assessment, Advanced Technology Bonus, and Sustainability Certification, the outlined procedures offer a direct route for manufacturers to enhance their ICV score. Meeting these criteria not only positions manufacturers for a 6% bonus but also showcases genuine commitment to innovation and sustainability. This collective effort shapes a manufacturing landscape aligned with contemporary values. Adhering to these procedures ensures industry recognition and propels Goods Manufacturers toward a future where excellence converges with innovation and environmental stewardship. Join us in embarking on the journey towards a forward-thinking and responsible future. Reach out to BMS today!

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