A large number of immigrants are drawn to the United Arab Emirates, mostly for business opportunities. The authorities demand an attested Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in UAE for permanent visas, job opportunities, and residential visas, as well as other requirements of similar kinds in order to guarantee that people with suspicious histories are prevented from entering the country.

The criminal record of an individual in UAE can be verified by a police clearance certificate, additionally referred to as a good conduct certificate. The certification, which attests that the individual in question hasn't been charged with or found guilty of any crimes, is issued by law enforcement agencies in the UAE.

Since the PCC defines the person's credibility when touring or carrying out business in the UAE, it is crucial and mandatory to authenticate it. Fast and dependable services are offered by UAE certificate attestation companies like BMS Auditing to obtain this certification.


Police Clearance Certificate Attestation Procedure

The process of making PCC authorized can be long-lasting and complex. Up until the very last attestation by the UAE embassy, an organized attestation process must be followed. According to the specific rules and the candidate's circumstances, different steps may be required to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in the United Arab Emirates. Usually, the whole process includes these steps:

1. Application Submission: The applicant must submit a request to the proper bodies for the PCC. You can do this via the Internet, in person, at the police station, or with other accredited organizations.

2. Delivering required paperwork: The applicant must submit all the required documentation to support their application, including a copy of their passport, proof of residency visa, and an Emirates ID.

3. Investigation via Fingerprint: The applicant will be required to submit fingerprints in order to conclude the criminal record check procedure. You may accomplish this at the police station or by going through a legitimate organization.

4. Background investigation: Based on the candidate's fingerprints along with other information given on the application form, the law enforcement department will launch a background investigation.

5. Issuing PCC: The law enforcement department will forward the PCC if the criminal history check is successful and so suspicious activities show up. The certificate can be picked up in person, mailed, or sent by courier.

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A PCC may need to be attested by the appropriate authorities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the applicant's home country's embassy, depending on its intended use. BMS Auditing offers reputable Police Clearance Certificate Attestation in UAE for residents and Non-residents with the Ministry of Interest & Dubai Police.


How to Apply for PCC Attestation in UAE?

You can apply for PCC via the Ministry of Interior web page or phone app, MOI UAE, and can submit an online application to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in the United Arab Emirates which can be accessible on Google Play as well as iTunes.

As a substitute, you can fill out the application form in person at the MOI service centers and pay the necessary fees with a credit card. Moreover, Dubai's Police office also offer PCC application through their physical office, smart app, and websites.


Documents Required to Apply for PPC in UAE

Here is the list of documents you will require for PCC registration if you are a resident of UAE,

  1. An authentic Emirates ID card
  2. A recently clicked passport-size photograph
  3. A letter from the beneficiary stating that he/she does not have any pending criminal convictions
  4. And a copy of the candidate's passport.

For the most recent list of paperwork and prerequisites for acquiring a PCC in the UAE, it is recommended to contact the appropriate organizations or agencies.

For Non-Residents of UAE, the following documents are required to apply for PPC,

  1. Fingerprint card approved by the UAE Embassy
  2. The Application Reason.
  3. Your last UAE visa copy
  4. A copy of your valid passport
  5. Two passport-sized photographs


A fingerprint card in UAE is an official report from the concerned police department that verifies a person's identity based on his biometrics and decimal fingerprint.


Police Clearance Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

We at BMS Auditing provide a range of PRO services as well as certificate attestation services without hassle, going above and beyond to earn your trust. Over the past years, we have established a remarkable reputation and have grown to be the go-to company for those who need UAE PCC attestation services. We strive to give you the finest experience possible and have excellent attestation services. Allow us to show you how our first-rate services can benefit you through this complex process!

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1. Why is there a necessity for PCC in UAE?

PCC is mandatory for any immigrants to come to UAE to start a business or be in the country indefinitely to attest that the individual in question hasn't been charged with or found guilty of any crimes.


2. How to apply for PCC in UAE?

You can apply for PCC physically fill out the form at the Ministry of Interior's offices or fill out an application online on their web page or phone app, MOI UAE.


3. Does it take long to get PCC attestation in UAE?

It depends on how diligently you have filled your requirements; it can take from weeks to a month


4. What documents are necessary for PCC Attestation?

You need to have, An authentic Emirates ID card, a recently clicked passport-size photograph, a letter from the beneficiary stating that he/she does not have any pending criminal convictions, and a copy of the candidate's passport.


5. Is a background check a must for PCC attestation in UAE?

Yes, authorities regulate a mandatory BG check on the applicants to make sure they don’t hold any criminal records.

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