Oman Ministry urges industries to submit data electronically. Those industrial establishments that don’t fill in the online survey forms will have to contact the Ministry of Commerce and explain their reason from Tuesday onwards.

The ministry invited industries that have submitted their industrial information yet to contact the industrial information department in the headquarters of the ministry or the directorates and various departments.

“It will start recalling industrial establishments which have not yet submitted their details for the annual industrial survey that was carried out by the directorate general of industries between October 30, 2019, and November 7, 2011.” The ministry said in a press statement.

The ministry will stop dealings with the industries which would not contact the industrial information office before November 21, 2019, and will take legal action. The ministry has published news and advertisements and has contacted the industries explaining the importance of submission of data before deadline so that the industries don’t have to face legal action and dealings with them are not stopped.

The ministry has expressed their gratitude to the industries which submitted their industrial data before the passage of the deadline. This data is important for understanding the current situation of the manufacturing sector of the country, making strategies, general studies and reports.

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